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  1. Hello everyone I’m a newbie to this forum and the first time joining any forum. I’m 65 now and disabled from 19 back surgeries and a bunch 3” screws, rods and spacers. I’ve always wanted to go to Central or South America to catch a Peacock Bass, but didn’t make it. I was surprised to learn that Florida has them in the canals of Dale County. I’m hoping that I can get some good advice on where would be a good area to start and a simple place for lodging. I have Bass fished all of my life and catching a Peacock Bass was always on my mind and on my bucket list also. Because of my back issues I’m just not in shape for a long trip to South America and even a trip to Florida will be challenging, LoL. I do not know a lot about these fish so all tips, advice or location are welcome. My plan is to try and make a trip around the first of September, I heard this is a very good time for schooling. I’ve also heard that these fish are very aggressive on top water baits and I do like top water action. I’m not sure if I can do the kayak anymore but I’ll give it a shot. Or would I be better off getting a guide for the first trip? I’m a catch and release fisherman so all I’m after is a photo lol. Anyway I’ll take any tips on lures and anything that will make a exciting first trip and thanks for your time.
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