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  1. Hey dear fellows. My name is Elena and it is nice to meet you all. I am a fisher girl and I am fishing in the Atlantic ocean in the Dominican Republic. I always give nice offers to my clients but you can check it yourself on my website. Today I want to say a few words about wahoo fishing and to invite you to read my articles and reports ))) During WAHOO FISHING you have to remember that Wahoo one of the fastest and strongest fish in the Atlantic Ocean. That’ why when you have a Wahoo bite during FISHING be ready to have a long battle with that fish. Lot's of interesting stories you will find on our web, come join us, don't be shy SANTA ELENA FISHING CHARTERS
  2. Hey everybody. My name is Elena, and I am a fisher girl :))) I am fishing in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. And it is safe over here so don't hesitate about traveling down to D.R. And I invite everybody how's traveling down to Punta Cana to visit deep-sea fishing charters. My company usually gives good fishing offers and I am trying to make each fishing trip just perfect. Feel free to check our website we did it maximum full with fishing information so I hope you will enjoy it. SANTA ELENA CHARTERS