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  1. Fish has been awsome fish are in transition its been windy but if you find ereas with calm water the fish are stacked fish have been extremely shallow most of my fish are coming out of the pigtrails or on shallow hard bottom ereas wirh 40 fish being common on half day trips water temp has dropped in the 70s golden shinners are a winner bit if you like to fish lures white whopperplopper first thing the a watermelon red trick worm when the sun comes up if your looking for a charter Capt.Brent Kirkendall 727 505-4340 or check out my website orlandofishingguides.com
  2. Fishing has been awsome bass have been following shad schooling we vought 43 bass on artificial bait the customer said tjere are was worn out so if you interested in beding a rod give me a call horizon fishing capt.Brent Kirkendall (727)505-4340
  3. Caught 64 bass biggest was 8.64 lbs weathers is cooling down bass are right on the outside of Kissimmee grass in 4 foot of water were getting them on sexyvshad rattle traps and red big trick worm with a quarter ounce weights if you want to have the trip of a lifetime call 727 505-4340
  4. Bass have been on fire this morning we had a artificial trp and boated over 40 fish the key today was to find schooling bait by kissimmee grass in the morning afyer our morning bite slowed we fished the pads with redbug trick worms on 30lb braid and were able to land some big fish it has been insane the fish that we are catching are huge if you want your shot to make a memory give me a call Capt. Brent Kirkendall Horizon Fishing charters (727)505-4340
  5. The fishing has been awsome ith big fish coming off shell first thing in the morning shinner bite has been very good around grass beds with many trips landing more than 20 fish if you want to have a trip of a lifetime contact Capt Brent Kirkendall Horizon fishimg (727)505-4340
  6. Bass have beeb chewing on lake toho the weather is hot and so is the fishing with a whopping 15 lber being cought and many fish in the 8 to 10lb range most of the fish have been coming off topwater first thing int he morning and the golden shinner bite has been amazing the fish are in about 4 feet of water hanging tight or in the Kissimmee grass if you want to go fishing call Capt Brent kirkendall Horizon fishing charters.(727)505-4340
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