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  1. It certainly is a wonderful feeling to go on best fishing kayaks. i have certain very fond memories of kayak fishing.
  2. What wonderful sights. well done...
  3. Proper maintenance is necessary. As far as myself, i have never gotten an under-lubed reel whether it is shimano or penn. if you are doing saltwater fishing, then you should rinse it properly with freshwater...
  4. I think the combo you have suggested is a good one and it will work fine.. Have a good time....
  5. wonderful video....It seems quite astonishing to see the trout going crazy after bait....
  6. I think it's a Tilapia but not too sure....
  7. Armaank50


    Here are a few: The Anclote River Boat ramp and its beach area. The pier by the Anclote Power Plant outflow channel / beach accesses. Off bridges that cross the river off Alt.19. From the Friendship Trail bridge. From the U.S. Hwy. 19 bridge.
  8. Well, Okuma trio doesn't work well for many people. I personally didn't hate it but it could be better
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