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    Fishing and hunting
  1. BrandonMiller84

    Welcome to our Florida

    Many of the women went hunting with pleasure, but home, life, and children do not give such an opportunity. As it often happens: we’ve gathered for hunting, phoned friends, there is a well-established company ....... we are afraid of reproachful views from friends and other hunters, we are afraid that others will think or consider us weaklings or someone else that they’ve taken " girls "with us, we are afraid to break stereotypes.
  2. BrandonMiller84

    Why bear hunting is good for Florida

    When hunting for a bear, the main thing is to be sure of the correctness of the shot, otherwise, the wounded animal, which is complex and dangerous, is ensured.
  3. BrandonMiller84


    Hi everyone, I'm Brandon. I am 36 years old. Work as a manager. I like the fishing and everything connected with it, but legally😀. Good luck!