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    Gorgeous Scenery for Lakers!

    Amidst all the chaos right now...It's good to go out, escape, and go on an adventure in the mountains to do some fishing...My team and I did just that with several other people who wanted to do the same! We had never gone fishing with these people before or met them prior to this day! This was the first time I'd ever been to this location and I don't know if I could find a more gorgeous place to film/fish! We landed a lot of nice Lake Trout (Mine and Sam's first ever through the ice), enjoyed the gorgeous sunny weather, and had a blast with some new friends and fellow Youtubers! I'm glad I own a drone because the scenery around this place is breathtaking! The GoPro's don't seem to capture the beauty...After seeing this place, I'm excited for the snow to melt so I can go explore it more! This was easily one of the funnest times I've had fishing and one of the funnest times I've had editing a video! I hope you all enjoy as much as we all did!!😀🎣 As always, your' Colorado Fishing Adventurer - Tyler
  2. Hey Everyone, I’ve been looking forward to sharing this for the last week and a half. Just took a little time to edit My team and I head deep into the mountains starting at 3AM! We got up to Grand Mesa, strapped on the snowshoes, and started our several mile adventure in the dark. Most of the walk was uphill so we were exhausted by the time we got there. We chose a nice day on purpose because we knew we were going to be sweating hard by the time we got there. We would’ve had to start hours earlier if we did a non-sweat pace. I landed 5 really nice ones! All of various sizes, all with nice colors! We also got some really nice drone footage throughout the day, including some nice sunrise shots of the area!! I also just got my new electric augur in two days prior to heading up there…thank goodness because 2-3 feet of hand auguring all day would’ve been a nightmare! If you’re not familiar with Colorado Cutthroat Trout, they’re gorgeous! Especially during spawning season. I attached some photos of them if videos aren’t for you! I had a blast editing this, so I hope you all enjoy it ;D We got some amazing drone footage throughout the day, including some really nice shots of areas of the Mesa during Sunrise!
  3. Recently got out with my buddy to get some fishing in. Last time I took him out, we failed miserably. I got a few small perch and he got skunked In today's episode however, he redeemed himself in a big way. Between the two of us, we landed around 30 fish for the morning bite and I landed my new ice fishing PB! We were also field testing some new 2" Swimbaits from one of my sponsors and they were crushing it! Lots of good fish and good times! No drone shots though unfortunately, State park boundaries too big there.Ice was 11-12" with about 1" of snow on top of that...surprisingly no slush since it had been warmer lately. Again though, we were only there for the morning bite. Probably got slushy later in the day. Attached are some photos of some of the fish landed and also a link to the video!! Hope you all Enjoy the video if you choose to watch! https://youtu.be/56bpoy3em-g
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    Nice Trout and Bald Eagles!

    Thank you! I appreciate the kind words and support!
  5. Team CO.F.F.

    Nice Trout and Bald Eagles!

    Got into some nice trout up at Sweetwater Lake here in Colorado! My GF and I were there targeting Trout and Kokanee Salmon...Landed into some nice looking trout but no Salmon unfortunately! The are is really nice up there in the winter and I got some really nice drone footage of the surrounding mountains and the Lake! Also, got some really nice footage of two Bald Eagles looking over the hardwater! Really cool to see, felt fortunate to be able to capture it! If you guys enjoy the video, please LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE
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    New Member here! :D

    Hello Everyone, My name is Tyler Thimsen and I am the co-founder of Team CO.F.F. Our team is my girlfriend (Samantha), one of my best friends (Remy), and Myself. All pictured below with fish! We are an outdoor based Youtube Channel out of Colorado, focusing primarily on Fishing and Foraging. We target all kinds of different species, primarily Trout, Bass, and Panfish! I love talking about fishing and different techniques! Hope you guys enjoy my videos...below is the channel trailer to my Youtube. Hope you all enjoy and hope to be talking about fishing with you all soon! https://youtu.be/6aoDAJB49k4