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  1. It's strange to say my first big dispersed camping trip was recently. Definitely the latest in the year I've ever done my first camping trip in my life, but sort of matches the strange year we've all experienced.We went DEEP into Grand Mesa, to two lakes that Sam and I have never fished. Remy has fished this for years but only goes once if that per year...long and bumpy road but finally got there and couldn't have been more happy. NO ONE around for miles and some absurdly good trout fishing. The lake next to our campsite was BURSTING with Colorado River Cutthroat Trout...Caught 6 eaters for the first night for everyone! The second day we start our mission for BIG BROWN TROUT! Mission starts off very well😃Seeing as we were up there for Three Days and Two Nights, we got a lot of footage. This will be part one of the trip! Hope you all enjoy the action! Got some good drone shots, b-roll shots, and had some great fishing action!
  2. We heard about the majestic Arctic Grayling late last fall and we've been itching to target them...We finally did recently and had some GREAT SUCCESS!! Threw a wide variety of stuff with no action (for the graylings at least), we landed a big brown, some Colorado River Cutthroat, and a handful of white suckers too. We switched to the 2" Micro Minnow Tadpole pattern and they went nuts for it!! Most hits couldn't have been more then 20 yards off of shore. We landed several trophy size ones (For the Colorado Region), 3 of which were 1/2" or less from a Master Angler Award! This species is so beautiful and that dorsal fin is incredible😍😍 Weather was very nice and sunny with only small spurts of wind! Drone shots came out great as everything is lush up there right now! Hoping next time we target them we have the same success! Hope you all enjoy!!
  3. Recently was up DEEP in the mountains fishing with my buddy...We came across a huge group of Colorado River Cutthroat Trout. We of course fished for them but we wanted to see if we could film them too. Luckily they were crowding around a small current provided by a little spring, flowing into the lake...This meant when we spooked them, they would eventually come back! We spooked them a lot! It took a few hours of brainstorming and trial and error to figure out how to film them but we figured it out!! I had to lye on a giant boulder (big enough for both of us and a third to lay on) that was right over the spring; tie on my GoPro to my fishing line and slowly drop it in. The results were amazing and I got some AWESOME FOOTAGE!! To be honest, I was pretty giddy and proud of myself afterwards lol. Really hope you all enjoy the footage! It's worth it to see this one!!
  4. Was out about a week and a half ago with my Team, Night Fishing for the first time in 2020! We started fishing about an hour before the sunset and went until around 2:30ish...Caught 4 species, including Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, and a GIANT BLUEGILL! We probably lost more fish then we caught this night but had a blast laughing the night away with my friend and GF!Pictured below is some of the fish we caught! Hope you enjoy the video as well...short and sweet! Hope you all had a good Memorial Weekend! https://youtu.be/GX-uXPwOQjs
  5. GF Got her PB Smallmouth in this one! She was very excited!! She was also very excited because she 100% Outfished me for the 3rd time in her life...She always lets me know when that happens😂🤣Very happy for her! She's really getting better at fishing, which in turn makes her want to go more...which makes me happy in the end lol! Hope you guys all enjoy, it was a really nice day out on the Western Slope! 🎣🎣🎣
  6. Landed my PB Master Angler Brown Trout right at 22″ and at a good time. GF and I were doing a video on tips and techniques we use to get trout out of rivers with spinning gear and the water we typically look for to fish. Really outstanding day on the Colorado River as we landed a handful of big trout including – Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Cutbow Trout, and a really aggressive, big white sucker that struck my HD Trout Lure. If any of you ever decide to take a trip to the mountains, hopefully this video can help you land some big trout!! Hope you guys enjoy the video and more importantly, have been able to get out and FISH!!
  7. Just started really gaining confidence on it last year, trying to get it down this year...It's a little odd at first but once you get some retrievals down it's really fun. I used to use various trailers for it but have had the best luck with the "Zako" tail type, swimbait trailers.
  8. Good Luck down there from us in Colorado!
  9. Thanks a lot!! It was a good day, especially considering the last time I took him he got skunked but we were targeting completely different species...This lake is a really good quality and quantity lake. We're actually heading up there tomorrow to get in the belly boats to fish the ice-off. Lake will still be 1/2 frozen but it's such a good time to get good trout!!
  10. Finally got to get out and get my first open water Largemouth Bass video done for 2020!! Very excited to do so too! My GF and I went to a reservoir pretty close to us and got out the belly boats! It turned out to be a REALLY WINDY day so belly boating was tough but still fun! Just sore legs after lol😂 It is a 1/4 mile walk uphill to the reservoir so we didn't want to haul that stuff up there for nothing either. 3/16oz Chatterbait with 4" Zako Swimbait was killing it for me! Landed some quality fish consistently throughout the 1/2 day we fished. Landed a good 2 1/2 pounder that had a worm hook coming out of him that went through his digestive system😶, looked healthy still. Hope you guys enjoy the video! Like and Subscribe if you do!! If pictures are more your thing, attached are some photos of the day😀
  11. Nice Fish man! We started a youtube channel up last July. If you ever need any tips or advice on anything, let me know!! our IG is @teamcoff19
  12. Sam(GF) and I got out recently to do some fishing up on Grand Mesa! With everything going on right now and meat being scarce at a lot of grocery stores, we decided to do a catch and cook themed episode. Luckily for us, the day worked out and we caught 3 different trout species for the smoker! All trout from Grand Mesa seems to taste amazing but comparing the 3 fresh fish was really fun.-We hit a new BoW that neither of us have ever fished before.-Ice thickness was a solid 2 feet, however; a foot+ of slush/water on top of that. We managed but it was a day of soaked feet for sure.-Weather was really nice, had to be in low 30's, and only a brief 1 hour snow stormHope you guys enjoy the video and are staying safe out there!https://youtu.be/HT01v4htVXg
  13. Thanks man! It was really fun up there, crossing my fingers they don't close the lake!! Glad you enjoyed the video!
  14. Amidst all the chaos right now...It's good to go out, escape, and go on an adventure in the mountains to do some fishing...My team and I did just that with several other people who wanted to do the same! We had never gone fishing with these people before or met them prior to this day! This was the first time I'd ever been to this location and I don't know if I could find a more gorgeous place to film/fish! We landed a lot of nice Lake Trout (Mine and Sam's first ever through the ice), enjoyed the gorgeous sunny weather, and had a blast with some new friends and fellow Youtubers! I'm glad I own a drone because the scenery around this place is breathtaking! The GoPro's don't seem to capture the beauty...After seeing this place, I'm excited for the snow to melt so I can go explore it more! This was easily one of the funnest times I've had fishing and one of the funnest times I've had editing a video! I hope you all enjoy as much as we all did!!😀🎣 As always, your' Colorado Fishing Adventurer - Tyler
  15. Hey Everyone, I’ve been looking forward to sharing this for the last week and a half. Just took a little time to edit My team and I head deep into the mountains starting at 3AM! We got up to Grand Mesa, strapped on the snowshoes, and started our several mile adventure in the dark. Most of the walk was uphill so we were exhausted by the time we got there. We chose a nice day on purpose because we knew we were going to be sweating hard by the time we got there. We would’ve had to start hours earlier if we did a non-sweat pace. I landed 5 really nice ones! All of various sizes, all with nice colors! We also got some really nice drone footage throughout the day, including some nice sunrise shots of the area!! I also just got my new electric augur in two days prior to heading up there…thank goodness because 2-3 feet of hand auguring all day would’ve been a nightmare! If you’re not familiar with Colorado Cutthroat Trout, they’re gorgeous! Especially during spawning season. I attached some photos of them if videos aren’t for you! I had a blast editing this, so I hope you all enjoy it ;D We got some amazing drone footage throughout the day, including some really nice shots of areas of the Mesa during Sunrise!
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