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  1. dereksh

    Lake fish finder?

    Still thanks for a reply, rcjoutdoors!
  2. dereksh

    Lake fish finder?

    Once again, looking for advice. As I've mentioned previously, I'm switching to motor-free lake fishing, and I'm going to upgrade my old setup. Do you know portable lightweight fish finders that doesn't require permanent mounts (since I decided not to take a leap and buy a kayak/canoe now, rather rent one to give it a try)? Have you tried any of these? I have had Humminbird units in the past but they never lasted more than 1 or 2 trips. - Derek
  3. Greetings, gents, long-time reader decided to join. I have been thinking about getting a sit-on-top fishing style kayak for fishing local non-motorized lakes or possibly a solo canoe. They seem logical to me (highly transportable, etc.) but don't see many used around here. As for my experience (and background) - I have never fished with a sit on top kayak, but I have fished in a canoe. So I'd like to know what seems to be more practical, well, in general? I've been eyeing several options (like something from Vibe or Old town), though I'd like to know pros and cons before choosing. So thanks in advance, and I'll be waiting for any replies. - Derek