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    Valley Hook

    There is a new sheriff in town! It's a tieless fish hook, called the Valley Hook, that attaches to your line so easy, men, women, children, and people with physical disabilities are loving it! No more needing to tie your hook on the line the traditional way. It works so well, I took my spinners, plastic worms, and crank baits and made them all tieless as well. And to top it off, I believe that Valley Hook has the world's first tieless fly... Ask your favorite retailer if they have the Valley Hook! web: thetielesshook.com
  2. Valley Hook

    Valley Hook

    Thank you!
  3. Valley Hook

    Valley Hook

    Thanks fish4red, it was one of my field testers catch. It was caught on the Valley Hook. I'm glad to be here - thank you!
  4. Valley Hook

    Valley Hook

    Hello from Wisconsin! The Valley Hook capitol of the world... America's Tieless Fish Hook!