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  1. rcjoutdoors

    Easy Smoked Fish Spread Recipe Here

    I will give this a go, my family loves smoked salmon spread, this adds some variety.
  2. rcjoutdoors

    Lake fish finder?

    I was going to recommend a deeper, but you seem to have used more advanced units based on your previous history
  3. rcjoutdoors

    Palm Beach and Jupiter inshore fishing report

    I always strike out there on my own for some reason. Juno Pier was really good when I went with my friend.
  4. rcjoutdoors

    The Florida I grew up in

    Do you remember the guy/company that used to deliver tins of cookies to homes in the 80's?
  5. rcjoutdoors

    Catch Florida Peacock Bass

    Awesome, I'm new also and love catching peas 🤘