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  1. Ice fishing on grayling and whitefish without tent in spring. We went out on our river to go fishing. We will catch grayling and whitefish. The weather is very nice, sunny. True, at the end of fishing, it badly deteriorated, but this did not stop us from fishing. Watch the video to see the catch. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Fishing on the river, catching grayling and fly on an aeroboat. Hello! The three of us climbed onto our river to catch grayling. It is spring, but there is still ice on the river. In some places there are gaps, so we decided to go by air boat. More precisely, we flew) The weather was excellent and we did not take a tent with us. We liked everything! We hope you enjoy it too!
  3. Fish pecking like a machine gun! Have you ever had fishing trips when the fish pecked so often and a lot, as if shooting from a machine gun? This is the case!
  4. Hello! In this video, my brother and I rode a snowmobile to a distant lake to fish for food. Caught perch and roach. The road was long, through rivers and forests, through wildlife, beautiful and primitive. When we arrived at the place, we immediately began to drill holes and look for fish. The first was a small perch. Then we set up a tent and began to fish in it. Roach began to collide. In the evening we ate the food that we took with us in a thermos and went to bed. To be continued tomorrow. video about how I made fishing rods from this video:
  5. Hello! This is the second day of our journey in the wild on a distant winter lake. Today we were fishing in the tent and outside. Caught a lot of fish and cooked fish soup. We spent another night on the lake and moved home in the morning through forests and rivers. We hope you enjoyed our trip and you were inspired by the atmosphere of winter wildlife. Although it’s spring already) video about how I made fishing rods from this video: