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  1. Just a few magazine articles that Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge has been featured in... https://www.sportfishingmag.com/pana...ish-slam-quest https://www.marlinmag.com/panama-black-marlin-fishing/ https://fishpanamatoday.com/wp-conte...ury-Rising.pdf https://www.anglersjournal.com/saltw...wfin-in-panama https://floridasportfishing.com/road-less-traveled/ https://www.inthebite.com/2020/04/th...ee-web-series/ __________________ Captain Shane Jarvis [email protected]
  2. February 2020 was another good one here at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge! We hosted 8 great groups here at our boutique lodge on Isla Paridas, 10 miles off the Pacific coast of Panama. And did a few day charters out of nearby Boca Chica in our three big 33' World Cat fishing machines!The fishing action was a roller coaster ride of emotion as we had bunch of really great days and a few really slow ones. The water offshore was warmer than usual and the fish got a bit lethargic...and sometimes really picky. We did see a lot of activity out there, as usual, but a few days were pretty frustrating as the Tunas especially were fixated on on their prey and wouldn't bite any of our offerings. We did however...keep at it, stayed positive, and caught some really impressive fish with our clients!!!Thanks so much to all of our new, and returning clients, for choosing our lodge!Enjoy the pics!Capt. Shane Jarvis www.FishPanamaToday.com [email protected]
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