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  1. Hello all. I do alot of creek fishing with ultra light rods, so naturally, I've got some small reels paired with these. Most of these reels only listed rating for 2#, 4# and 6# mono line. However, if I decrease the yardage, can I also use 8# mono line? I'm finding that tying knots using 6# sometimes is more difficult that I'd like (line gets stretched easily). Thoughts?
  2. Hey guys. Just purchased a budget kayak (Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100), and want to make some mods. In particular, I'd like to place a few gear tracks/rails on the side. Is there a certain screw or installation method I should use to ensure no leaks occur down the road?
  3. Hi! As I said in my first few posts, this is really my first year fishing. So....this is my first summer to fish through. I fished from 1pm-4pm today in a local creek in lows 90s, sunny weather. Is this basically a bad idea all the time? If so, I'm assuming the recommendation to fish would be before 10am or after 5pm? I used Zman fluke, Zman shadz, beetle spin, bisty minnow, Zman craw and trout magnet today. Only caught one longnose gar (that's a first...so that was an interesting unhooking adventure...) and a few bites after that. No more fish.
  4. Hello all! I've only recently started fishing here in TN, and mostly fish local creeks and "rivers" in my kayak What tackle would you recommend me having as an absolute necessity? I'm mostly using ultra light rods (it's just more fun to me) and anywhere from 4-8# mono line. I've had the most luck with your standard Zoom Super Fluke Pearl White and the Strike King Bitsy Minnow, so I've tending to lean on them more often that I might should. When these aren't working, what'd be your next go-to lure? I have a very limited tackle box at this point. I mostly catch LMB, SMB, bluegill and a very few perch.
  5. Hi all! Can y'all help me out with id'ing this fish? Thanks so much!
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