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Found 3 results

  1. Decided to get in some dock fishing Thursday night, despite the recent cold front. Launched my yak at around 7pm. Caught about 5 snook within the hour...and then the bite suddenly died. Fished the rest of the night with nothing to show...not even a bite! It's weird how the bite just suddenly dies. Still...with slow moving tides and a recent cold front, I didn't think I'd get the action I did. Left the water at about 10pm because my feet got too cold. That's the one thing I dislike about yak fishing at night...launching the yak requires me to walk in the water, which leaves my feet cold the rest of the night! Oh well...it was totally worth it. Winter snook fishing has been amazing for me. I almost don't want spring and summer to arrive! All snook were caught on PaddlerZ.
  2. A guy I met some time ago from Facebook invited me to fish docks he's been catching slob snook from--of course I say yes! Love the generosity of the fishing community I've encountered thus far (people from here, Facebook, and another forum). Definitely something I didn't get in California. I've fished these docks before, but never really caught anything. Turns out this area is only productive during low light hours because of the clear water and dense traffic it gets during the day, all which contribute to easily spooked snook. We launch at 6am and my buddy immediately catches 2 snook. Neither I nor the other guys he invited have yet to catching anything. 15 minutes later, I hear him calling my name and see him peddling right through a dock--it was a good thing the tide was low! lol. After a good fight, he pulls up a fat slot snook. Everyone else is still fishless...unfortunately, my to-go electric chicken paddle tail was failing me. A little discouraged, I peddle over to his kayak to look at his lure: a PaddlerZ! Lucky for me, I purchased some a couple weeks ago. As soon as I switch over, I start slayin' the snook. I must've caught over half a dozen within a 1 hour time frame, losing just as many or more. My biggest snook of the day, a REAL NICE drag ripper, jumped and threw my lure as I stopped reeling to turn on my GoPro . This is the 4th consecutive time I've lost a big snook due to the hook getting pulled, spat at me, or mechanical problems w/ my reel....all within the last couple of weeks. Please tell me this is normal! lol. Anywho, it's about 8:30 and the snook bite starts slowing. At this point, we've caught well over a dozen snook and lost many more. Looking behind us, we see tarpon rolling and busting bait. Taking advantage of my Revo, I rapidly peddled to the channel I saw them rolling in. By the time I get there, however, they disappear into the deep channel. We end the day by heading over to some mangroves. Tons of lady fish and monstrous snook that came unbuttoned several times. My buddy also had a nice fish that ran for a good couple minutes. It ended up breaking him off--I suggested he gets some prozac for the depression that'll ensue lol. Nothing monstrous on my part, but a good day nonetheless. Hope you enjoy the pics! I love winter in Florida!
  3. Decided to hit the Alafia yesterday, Sunday, and try my luck. Water temp was 67 at 7am when I launched, but got into the low 70s. Tides weren't great, but they were better than I expected. Water never got very high, but it didn't get very low either. Just a quick report on how I did, which wasn't great. Sure were a lot of boaters out yesterday, which made it pretty tough working docks with the waves crashing on shore and the boat rocking. The timing of your casts has to be spot on. Just after launching, a guy comes up in his sweet Pathfinder 2200. Turned out to be Mark (sylvestermax). We chatted a bit and talked fishing. It was very nice to meet you Mark. Hope your day was better than mine yesterday. Must have worked about 60 docks from 7am to 5pm. Did work some other areas, but docks seemed to be key to getting any bites at all. Also, worked any shade near the shore. I was using the 4" RT Mullet in shadflash and opening night. It was a small snook extravaganza on the docks. I probably caught 20 small snook, but must have lost another 20 that were small also. One I caught was just a little bigger than my lure. One dock held at least 7 small snook under it. There were so many short strikes too. I did manage a 26" snook under a dock, which was nice. I also got schooled by a good fish that immediately wrapped me around a dock post and got off. The first fish I caught off a dock was a 20 3/4" red, but that was the only red I caught all day. I did catch 2 jacks, one on the mullet and one on the ssj in chartreuse. By 5pm, I was spent. Going to the Alafia on the weekend is not the brightest idea. So many boaters and jet skiers. Add in the 2 air boats out there and you complete the trifecta. Still it was good to be on the water. Lots and lots of action, but no size. Just honing my boat docking skills for when the big boys show up in Jan. and Feb.....hopefully.
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