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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all. I know you have some experience catching baby tarpon on flyrods. This email we got today should be of interest to you. We are trying - collectively - to learn more about them. From the Bonefish Tarpon Trust We need your help to identify juvenile tarpon habitats in your area. BTT has begun mapping juvenile tarpon habitat to 1) determine the habitat characteristics that are best for juvenile tarpon and 2) protect healthy habitats and identify other areas for habitat restoration. BTT has already been involved with three juvenile habitat restoration projects and we will use this data to expand the restoration and protection effort. If you are aware of any locations that hold juvenile tarpon that are 12 inches long or less, please contact JoEllen Wilson at [email protected] You will be asked for an exact location to better assess the habitat characteristics for that spot. Don't worry, all information is strictly confidential and WILL NOT be disseminated to the public in any way. We appreciate your assistance in protecting the future of the tarpon fishery. If you would like to donate to this project or any other BTT project, click here...
  2. I haven't posted in a while but I've been having some luck at pass-a-grille beach in St Petersburg. This is the report from my latest trip. Location: Pass-A-Grille Beach (St. Pete) Time: 5:45am – 6:30am Target: Snook Catch: Redfish(1), Ladyfish Tide: Outgoing Lures: Red and White Clouser Minnow (fly) Action: No snook this trip but there were plenty swimming around. This trip I used a clouser minnow (fly with lead eyes to get it down in the water column) to increase my chances of hooking up with a snook by getting below the ladyfish that were hanging out higher in the water column. I am new to fly fishing but I think beach fishing is a great way to get acquainted with saltwater fly fishing. I know there are fish around and I don’t have to make a 100 ft cast and land the fly perfectly on the fish’s nose. I would cast up tide and let the fly come drift back to where the fish were hanging out. As the fly drifted with the tide I kept the line tight and gave a short sharp strip every so often to make the fly hop. After some hook ups with ladyfish I was able to hook up with a smaller redfish ( first on a fly ).This is the second redfish I’ve landed at this spot. Its good to know that reds are around and they seem to be a little less snooty about taking an artificial lure. On a previous trip I caught a redfish on a D.O.A 3” shad tail in glow with a white ¼ oz jig head. The action at st pete beach has been pretty good especially pre-dawn around the tide changes. If you are looking for some snook before they head off the beach i recommend checking out this area. If you want to see posts from my previous outings please check out my blog at www.linesidelogic.com
  3. If you did not get a chance to read this, try it. It is from a guy out west I hope is going to become a regular. It is really serious outdoors writing, and if you ever dreamt of fishing fly, this is a story well worth the time. http://www.theonlinefisherman.com/reel-news1/my-week-at-a-fly-fishing-guide-school-in-montana
  4. Join the Club! Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers Club - Sarasota August 25, 2015 - Jeff LeMieux, Kayak Fly Fishing Guide Join the Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers Club! http://mcff.club/ August 25, 2015, at their regular MCFF meeting, Jeff will give a talk on back country fly fishing from a kayak. The Club will hold a silent auction for a Kayak trip for 1 angler with Jeff LeMieux: 4 hours back country anywhere in the estuary system from Bradenton to Port Charlotte area. A Native Ultimate Kayak is provided, bring your own flyfishing gear, but Jeff will bring back up gear. He will provide his favorite flies, but bring your own if you like. Redeemable within 6 months.
  5. I knew the weather was going to be bad but Tuesday was the last weekday I was going to have off for awhile so I explored a backcountry area I'd been wanting to hit for a long time. It was drizzling rain all morning and I hit a deep area looking for baby tarpon. I found them, lots of them, but they weren't eating. I casted to several good sized rollers with no strikes. I did get fooled one time when I casted to a roller and got a strike. Almost immediately though, I knew what I had, a catfish. Knew it was time to make a move after that, so I went back out on the flats but the tide was super high and it was overcast so I couldn't see fish in time to make a cast. Then, the real rain came, a 2 hour downpour, but I stuck it out (I had raingear on) and just explored a little. After the rain stopped, I came across a channel, with light colored sand flats on both sides. Even with overcast and drizzling rain I knew I'd see fish here so I staked out and just watched for a few minutes. Sure enough, I started seeing every kind of fish you could possibly want to catch. Redfish, black drum, huge snook, and tarpon all on the same flat. I could see a fish in the distance and made a cast with a huge pinfish fly thinking it was a snook, slowly twitched a few times and it got hammered, it went straight for the groves just like a snook should and I kept it out and got it closer and saw stripes - it was a decent black drum that ate a 5" baitfish fly. After that I saw a good size poon coming towards me, I had thrown on a little black and purple baitfish fly because they wouldn't eat anything I was throwing. I stripped it as fast as I could past its face and it absolutely crushed my fly. Probably the most savage strike I've ever seen. After several jumps, good runs, and tail walks I got it in. My first ever fully sightfished tarpon (i've casted to rollers many times in deep water and caught them but never had a shot on a crystal clear shallow flat). After that, I caught some smaller reds including one lower slot and lots of little snook, all sightfished. I could've thrown on a crab fly and proably slayed blk drum because they were EVERYWHERE but I really wanted a good snook or another tarpon. The sandy areas were key to me seeing the fish and I had a strong outgoing tide and it was right before dusk. It was an epic couple hours of sightfishing, can't wait to hit it again.
  6. here is my latest fishing video, it is all fly and wade or on a kayak. clips are from louisiana, chicago and tampa bay. any feedback is appreciate.
  7. I went out in some backcountry in my kayak yesterday. Didn't really expect a whole lot, I went to a spot where I normally see tons of overslot snook and didn't even see a mullet. So I went to some different spots for last part of outgoing tide. I found redfish and some good snook. I caught everything on my 8wt fly rod. Sightcasted the red cruising some mangroves with a big black and purple polar fiber minnow, it missed it twice and crushed it. I thought it was a snook until I finally got it close to kayak. Then I saw a decent snook cruising and sightcasted it. Caught several upper 20s snook blindcasting too. Then I saw some small ladyfish going crazy so I casted to it and got slammed by a lower 30s snook. Then I headed towards the launch and saw some surface action. I caught jacks until my arms were tired and called it a day. On a kayak, with nothing but a flyrod, it was a pretty epic day. Most of the fish I caught were in mudflats in a 1-3' of water. A few snook were were caught in a deep mudhole adjacent to a shallow flat.
  8. Me and cody s hit up some backcountry yesterday before the front. It was cold and rainy but we stuck it out and caught TONS of snook. Most were small but we both got some in the 20s. The main target was tarpon but we couldn't get them to eat. I need my poonani fix bad, I haven't caught one in a few months now. But it was a fun day in the kayaks, and always fun to fish with cody. Here's an almost slot fish that literally almost jumped into Cody's kayak haha. He put up a great fight for his size.
  9. Was fishing a spoil island yesterday, started at sunrise. Sightcasted 2 lower slot reds on a foxtrot mullet. Then the bite died (except for lady fish) until the end of the day. Forecast was calling for 3mph winds and it was blowing 15 by 9am. Cody s came out and joined me. We caught more lady fish that were destroying my flies. I had on a Mayan cichlid fly (looks like a pinfish too) for gator trout and I got a solid 21" trout that I kept to eat. I then saw some huge boils and bait getting chased so I threw to it and got my pb red on fly -30" and super fat. After that I got a solid upper slot doing the same thing. It was dark after that so I headed home. Glad I stuck it out in the wind, I almost went home!
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