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Found 2 results

  1. Just returned from a week in ML, and IRL. People, you just don't know how lucky we are here in the Tampa Bay area. Our estuaries are so much more healthy here than north IRL, south to the NASA Causeway and most all ML. We've fished those areas for 10 years, going for weeks at a time. Now we go once a year just to see what is going on. I remember one guy who told us he has only fished one area for ten years, between Haulover Canal south almost to Black Point on the IRL side because there were so many red fish there simply wasn't a reason to fish anywhere else. There were acres and acres of turtle grass and crystal clear water. I caught my PB red of 46 inches right there at the Science Center (Boy Scout Camp) plus so many other red fish between 24 and 34 inches. Now all one sees is dead brown grass, no visibility and no red fish or trout. It turns my stomach to see such devastation. I found the same situation over by the hospital as well as the radar tower area. South of the Max Brewer Bridge south to the NASA Causeway was the same. In ML I used to catch 4-5 red fish around Whale's Tail in an hour. Go to another close spot and more red fish or trout. Paddling out I would see schools of 25 -100, just paddling out! Now, nothing, maybe a red fish or two. The whole area east of Whale's Tail and west to the main land used to be just acres of turtle grass and crystal clear water. You could paddle and see reds moving from in front of you. Now it is all brown, dead grass and nothing much moving except some mullet and a few gators. Even the mullet populations have virtually disappeared compared to 6-10 years ago. BTW, I did not see one blade of turtle grass the whole trip. And, the powers that be, as sorry as they are, want to build another RR system to further stop the water flow in the IRL, thus creating more damage. There are also people who want to build private rocket launch sites, still further ruining the area. Hey, rent out the unused launch sites already built! DUH! We are lucky here in Tampa Bay!
  2. jerrbare

    Mosquito Lagoon

    Heading to Mosquito Lagoon, IRL and Banana River for a week or so. Anyone else going to be around that area? Staying at Manatee Hammock.