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Found 5 results

  1. Hey hows everyone doing? just stoping by to check in. Im from Belmar NJ a little beach town on the east coast up north, spent a better part of youth chasing down seagulls in the hunt for real striped bass and bluefish but life happened and havent fished in a few years untill this whole lockdown thing. So as far as fishing in Florida im looking to gain as much knowledge as possible. Up north fishing is honestly much more simple than down here, sure anyone can catch a fish with a sinker, a hook and some bait but thats boring to me. Im used to surf fishing with large plugs/ stick baits and jigs for 2 of the 6 possible fish you might actually want to take from fresh water. Here in florida their are so manny different species and finesse tactics im not used to. Recently I've been fishing the hilsborough river (right by hillsborough ave) because I live quite close to it, weve only pulled out gafttopsail and hardhead catfish regaurdless of what we used as bait(castnetting for shiners or whatever little bait fish are around, squid, gulp products and lots of artificials.) Every night Im out I see these juvenile tarpon but cant get them to hit anything its killing me. I've also tried platt street bridge tons of activity there just no luck and courtney cambel causeway by the first bridge past the boat ramp(snagged a snapper accidentally while fishing a DOA swim bait. ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE APPRECIATED. I havent fished for 5-6 years and literally in the past month Ive fished 4 times a week with little results so im looking to change that through hard work and research on here.
  2. Took the skiff out Saturday morning for it's first full on fishing trip now that I've gotten most of the issues taken care of and a trolling motor as well. Started the morning topwater fishing and landed a couple small snook right off the bat. That's when I was pleasantly joined with rolling tarpon. Had a pair literally roll right next to the boat and gave me the mean mug like "Cmon, get you some". So, tying on a purple demon mirrorlure with the trebles swapped for 6/0 circle hooks instead I began casting at rollers. Shortly after texting my usual fishing buddy who wasn't too far away about being surrounded I finally got a hookup. After five or six full aerial jumps with the usual front and back flips making for some intense fishing and not having the hooks thrown yet I felt good about my chances this time. After seeing the hookset and knowing most likely this fish was coming to the boat I called Eric to come help. After a few high fives and a photo shoot we parted ways. Wow....6 fish later after getting sucked into SW fishing and I finally got to touch my own tarpon. All alone, artificially, and on what I'm considering as the first real maiden fishing voyage. What a feeling of achievement. I'm guessing she was 50lb range by the feel of it but not really sure. Ended the day at noon with more small snook and a 22" redfish. Trout just aren't plentiful in this particular area so couldn't get the actual grand slam but I'll take it!
  3. Headed out with Eric and another friend Saturday morning for some live bait snook fishing. After loading the well with some small and very large threadfins we headed to the first spot. Glass calm conditions had me opting for tossing a ssj for a while but nothing to show. With a slack tide as we waited for the incoming after two small snook and a catfish were brought to the boat on live bait we decided this wasn't the spot and headed to another as the tide should begin to start rolling in. This area yielded a few better snook and some snapper as well at least. After the bite shut down we moved to another area usually holding a redfish or two. Unfortunately I got the dink redfish while Everett caught the better one but at least there were a couple around. Moving to some shorelines that make sight casting very possible we spotted two decent snook layed up on the shoreline. After Eric and Everett's baits were rejected and the guy on the back of the boat (me) got his turn one of them decided to eat. I didn't even see the fish hit the bait was the funny part. So, while I'm watching this fish and "waiting" to see if he's going to eat the guys spot a huge snook just feet from the boat on the deeper ledge. Of course I reel my baitfish in closer to get it to this big snook and actually end up setting the circle hook finally on the snook I'd been watching LOL. Didn't even know the fish had eaten my bait and the fish didn't feel the hook yet either til I reeled in closer for hopes of hooking the slob. Of course the fish took off and spooked the moose of a snook away with it. Sorry guys....I guess lol. Moving down the shoreline some more Eric spots another huge snook and throws on one of the huge threadfins but without much time kept the lighter tackle setup. Knife to a gun fight but screw it....good cast made well past the fish and as he slowly brought the threadfin within the danger zone that big girl smashed it and headed right into a mangrove pocket along side a broken up dock. Pretty the spot you don't want to see that fish go to. She stayed inside the pocketed area and as we trolled closer he got lucky and she shot back out opposite dockside and went for deeper water. Eric did a phenomenal job working this fish on a 2500 series reel with 10lb test an 20lb leader. Tired her out a bit and after one last run towards the dock pilings that almost ended it all he turned her right towards me and the net. Scooped her up for him and after a quick pick and measure he had himself a very chunky fish just over 34" with a pinched tail. Working the last few big threadfins of the day along some jetty areas I see a giant shine roll on my bait and my 4k stradic starts absolutely screaming. I was almost positive it was a jack...and almost positive it was one bigger than I've hooked before. Fish went under the boat and after basically keeping my whole rod under the boat while it peeled line like crazy to the channel we finally got me to the bow and decided we'd end the day heading after it. This jack made my previous pb of 24" to the fork feel like nothing. Run after run all I could do was laugh at the power of a full grown jack crevalle. After what felt like almost ten minutes we netted the fish finally and got almost 29" to the fork on a new PB for me. Didn't get the actual weight but had to be in the 20lb range. What a fight......gotta love those jacks. Total count 11 snook up to 34" 2 redfish up to 19" jacks,snapper,and trash fish of course.
  4. Headed out this morning with two friends of mine regardless of the post cold front conditions. As expected, the bite was extremely slow but you never know so why not try anyway if you can right? With an outgoing tide beginning to move we started picking off deeper pockets of water and many docks with various arti's and sardines between the three of us with nothing to show. Areas that usually hold cooperative fish. I imagine this cold snap hit them hard overnight and had fish lethargic? It was certainly proving to be a very tough morning. Fishing under a dock that had finally produced two small snook minutes before for Patrick and I around 9:30am, this beauty of a top slot red decided to at least make my day worthwhile. Measured barely under 27" and released to fight another day.
  5. Hey guys an gals. Haven't posted lately due to being so caught up in work an family issues. Inshore fishing has been pretty good lately so I'm looking for a change of pace. I'm really, really wanting to land my first king (from the kayak) this weekend or sometime soon. Been reading here an there about folks doing well about a mile out off Indian Rocks beach area. If I'm not mistaken, there are some artificial reef structures in the area??? I've only visited the area for leisure purposes so my fishing knowledge of the area is next to none. Plan on trying to troll some lures,throw some live bait, and chum like crazy. If anyone could chime in on good parking/launch spots,techniques,etc I'd be greatly appreciative.
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