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Found 15 results

  1. Pac Blue vs. Rusty Bellies ! Looks like Todd Randa is putting on a clinic with the Jumbo RG's. He has been on a Serious Roll lately with these end of season beauties. Judging from the size of those plump nuggets, we are going to have a great fall fishing season!. "My friend Brian Willis and I went fishing. he got his first keeper grouper weighing around 15lbs. great day.. I also caught a keeper grouper and we also caught around 10 shorts ... Also caught a squid. all caught on the miracle jig.. Nekid Ball Jig. Even the squid couldn't resist it. My friend Todd, the owner of the patent really created an awesome jig. Works on pretty much any fish. Its unique design triggers the bite. Everyone needs to try it. Even my friends in MN. I'm serious.. All my poles have those jigs on them.." TR Thanks for the offshore field report Todd, Nothing more satisfying than seeing the results of a great day on the water with friends and family. Cheers TK
  2. Hey TOF Friends, Just got this report from Manwich710 Personal Best Gag Grouper caught on NBJ. "This is the only photo I have of fish caught on NBJ, but we have caught mangrove snapper, grunts and small grouper on your 1 oz jigs. This day was first morning after a full moon 40 feet off of Egmont this summer. Went out solo fished a NBJ and 2 flat lines, caught nothing but sharks on flat line, caught best personal grouper on NBJ, only hit on bottom that morning. Had a nice prize to show off when I picked up wife and kid for sandbar fun. Little cutie is my 2 year old girl Brooklyn Rose" Congrats Manwich710... Nothing better than fishing with a Little Angel & catching your Personal Best Grouper on NBJ! Cheers TK
  3. Barracuda Bob's Scores..... Just got this offshore report from our great friends at Barracuda Bob's. "Team Hootie who did it again! Caught their limit of red grouper in 18 minutes! All of with Barracuda Bob's Bait bait and another little secret weapon called the nekid ball jig! Thanks yet again guys for the super fresh fillets helping us who can't go fishing... Hootie who!" BB Big Thanks to Capt. Joe & Crew! Wow... RG Limit in 18 MIN.! Cheers, TK Just got off the phone with Marc Bonanno, he said that they not only caught the fish pictured. but released 15 more that were over 20". Marc had one RG that went over 15lbs and his partner landed One Big Fire Truck Over 18lbs.! They were limited out and on the way back to the dock by 9:30 with a boat load of grouper sandwiches. Marc is headed out again tomorrow and the guys will be banging the NBJ's off the bottom for more non-stop action.
  4. Hello TOF Crew, Just got this offshore report from Marc Bonnano " Tough day today, got 5 keeper reds, lots of short reds, remora, snake fish and grunts all with the big jig... Multiple red grouper all on nekid balls... They rock!." Marc Jay Lehman - "Most amazingly productive artificial lure I've ever used." Congrats to Marc Bonnano & Crew for scoring some Big RG's. Nothing Better than "Fishing Nekid !" Cheers TK
  5. Hello TOF Crew, NBJ in the Tampa Tribune http://tbo.com/south-shore/im-so-glad-to-be-fishing-now-20150624/ Want to thank Capt. Larry Malinoski, aka the Fish Hawk, Cheers TK Have a Safe & Happy 4th!!!!
  6. Hello TOF Crew, Glow Tail Snapper Field Test Results Want to personally thank Dylan Hubbard and the entire Hubbard's Marina family for the chance to test our new glow tails in Florida's cool summer darkness. I was joined by NBJ Pro-Team Member John Masters. Capt. Garrett & his knowledgeable and friendly crew put us on some nice shows of fish, time to have some fun. Had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with Marc Bonanno. He has had some seriously good luck fishing NBJ. The glow tails charged quickly and illuminated the dark, so down they went. It wasn't long before the fish started coming over the rails. . Scored several undersized Red Grouper including one that Shattered my previous record. This RG stretched the tape out to 3-1/2 inches and almost covered the entire length of my palm. Landed some very nice sized Grunts & Porgies plus Scamp & Lane Snappers. The rest of boat were landing some keeper sized Gags that were quickly released, see you soon. Some very nice sized Mangrove Snapper were also thrown in for good measure. It was cool watching Dylan fish, every time I turned around he was putting the boots to another one with his 2 speed. Never says anything, all you hear is the sound of fish meat hitting the deck and then see the crew adding another one to his stringer. Our fishing partner Marc Bonanno scored the Big Daddy Mango with his late scoring & Prize Winning Mangrove Snapper. Congrats Marc. We had a great time with great people. Made some new friends and got to test the new glow tails. We have more field tests to follow and if your interested I will continue to post our results for all to see. Thanks, Dylan & Mark Hubbard, Capt. Garrett & Crew, Marc, John and Team Hubbard's. Cheers TK
  7. Hey TOF Crew, Every so often we get a photo that says it all.... Without saying a word! Just received these pics and fishing report from Emerson & Michael Wilhite Featuring Her Fantastic American Red Snapper ... WOW! Caught on 1oz Pink NBJ. "Hi Todd - I used your jigs during AR season.. My daughter loved them. Emerson's ARS on NBJ - pink of course We fished in 120ft. Experimented with your pink and green jigs. The pink worked best. Looking forward to some more experimenting on Mangs and Hog Snapper." Thx Mike Congrats Emerson & Michael, Nothing Better than Catching the Fish of a Life Time with Dad! Cheers TK Michael with another NBJ Red Beauty! Michael is President of Release Offshore Gear 'Performance Offshore Apparel and Gear'
  8. Well today was the day! New Personal Best 42" Snook Caught on 1/2oz Chartreuse Yellow NBJ. Got out to Pet Beach just after 8am. The tide had turned and was coming in fast. Had a feeling I should retie my leader and boy am I glad I did. The hit was MASSIVE and she took off running up current then turned and made a beeline down the beach. The power of these Big females is unreal. Run after run, until I was able to apply enough pressure to bring her onto the beach. My brand new leader was shredded, one more strong run and she would have been gone. After a short picture session and some serious thumb sucking,The Snook, Not Me.... She was swimming Free! Great way to start the Day! Cheers TK
  9. Nekid Ball Jigz Pro-Team Offshore Report - John Masters "Went out of Miami and headed North towards Ft. Lauderdale trolling around 15 miles offshore looking for Mahi-Mahi. At around 8am three rods went off. One was a miss, the second was a Cow, Dave quickly brought her in. The third rod I grabbed was a 39lb Bull. As I was fighting the bull I see a peanut jumping over and around my line. Start thinking to myself.... If that little $%^#$ cuts me off I'm gonna explode. About this time I see Dave is using my Redbone rod and there was an NBJ tied to it. Woooo Hoooo Fish On! Watched the Dolphin jumping over and over, figured it weighed about 15lbs The fight didn't last too long on the 10lb test, it went into overdrive and is now swimming free with a Polar White/Crystal Flash Lip Ring. Dave quickly grabs another rod rigged with a 1/4oz Polar White/Crystal flash, it only took a few seconds in the water before the line starts ripping off the spool, only to end in a quick break off. Maybe there was still some nicked line that was higher up the leader that got missed getting trimmed off, Always check the full length of the leader and the last few yards of your main line. Looked like the biggest fish of the day. Now that we have the Big Bull in the boat. We re-rig and begin trolling again. After about 10 mins, we spot 5 Frigate birds circling and diving, so we head that way and all four rods go off. We were in a LARGE school. I quickly land my fish so I can grab an NBJ rod. This time the rods have on 1/2oz Hot Pink/Orange Shrimp. There are still two fish being fought on the stern, so I chooseto go amidships and drop it strait down. It didn't get 10 feet below the boat before it was engulfed by another 15lber,and then a second one on the next drop. After the fish were landed, we drifted for a few minutes so we could re-rig, I made another cast out and caught another just short dolphin. Back she goes! After the guys finished rigging, we trolled for about another half hour and filled our limit. Then it was time to go home, wash the boat, clean the fish, take a shower and Pass Out." JM Great Report John Cheers TK
  10. NBJ Fooled Fish #58 American Red Snapper Congrats to Trent Nelson for scoring limits of Sweet Red Snapper & Red Grouper on his last trip offshore. "Where can I get these in the Tampa area?. They killed it on the red snapper, but lost a couple. Need more for this Saturday. Thanks" Nekid Ball Jigz Hello Trent, Please visit our website for Secure Online Purchase http://nekidballjigz.com/Purchase_Securely.html Or you click the Retailers tab for a complete list of locations. Can u tell me about your snapper trip? Did u take any pics? Cheers TK Trent Nelson "Well, we had 2 rods out of the 6 started with your jigs and by 10 mins. into the trip all 6 anglers had them on. We had a limit of 12 all well over 20" in about 20 minutes. Biggest went about 20 pounds caught on a pink jig" Great Catch Trent, Let us how you how you do. Cheers, TK
  11. Hello TOF Crew, Just got this NBJ offshore report from Trent Nelson " Where can I get these in the Tampa area? They killed it on the Red Snapper, but lost a couple. Need more for this Saturday, Thanks." NBJ Hello Trent, Please visit our website and click the retailers tab for the location closest to you. Can you tell me about your Snapper trip? Did you take any pics? Cheers, TK " Well, we had 2 rods out of 6 started with your jigs, and by 10 mins. into the trip all 6 anglers had them on. We had a limit of 12, all over 20" in about 20 minutes. Biggest went about 20lbs on a Pink jig, also caught Red grouper too" Trent Nelson Congrats Trent and thanks for fishing Nekid Ball Jigz. Cheers, TK
  12. Hello TOF Friends, It's been a while since I posted a report, have been very busy filling Nekid Ball Jigz orders, but today was one of those special trips that reminded me of why I love Florida Spring Fishing. Invited our neighbor Ohio Jack to join NBJ Pro-Staffer Bryan Holton for some inshore fun. Jack had never fished NBJ and was mostly a freshwater angler. We hit the crab traps at dead low tide, as soon as the incoming began the action was amazing. Nice sized Speckled Trout joined some Bigger Mack's to begin the day along with tons of ladyfish and about a dozen different species. After we had enough of the tasty speedsters to fill the smoker, we decided to try some of the Island passes of St Joe Sound for some Pompano. Didn't know if they would be there, but sure enough within a few minutes of getting into the drift along the beach...Bang - Pomp On! These weren't little Golden Nuggets, but full bodied bruisers who gave all three of us a work out. Hit after hit, the Pompano kept coming over the rail, hitting on all three colors - Hot Pink Flash, Yellow Flash & Green Flash. Every time I looked over Jack had a Big Smile on his face, as he scored time and time again. Jack will be heading back to Ohio next week for the summer, but as of today he was our newest NBJ All Star. Have a safe trip home Jack and we will see you in the fall. Cheers TK
  13. Hello TOF Just got these pics in from Capt. Billy Nobles & Capt. Glen Taylor Congrats Guys ! Keep'em Coming.... Fooled Fish #51 - Margate Grunt & Fooled Fish #52 - Scamp Grouper
  14. Hello TOF, Just got this report and story from NBJ Texas Pro-Staffer Greg Wilson. Pictured below is future NBJ Pro-Staff member Mr.Steven Taylor of Clarkston Michigan Scoring a 4lb+ 24" Northern Pike on a Green NBJ. Steven is a lifelong angler whose family members include Rock n Roll Royalty. His father is Greg "Fingers" Taylor Harmonica player with Jimmy Buffet & Coral Reefer Band and his step father is Kim Wilson lead singer for the Fabulous Thunderbirds. This young angler Is a real tough guy! If you thought it was cold here, just check out the background. Wow....That Pike is frosted Congrats Steven, You have now joined the Exclusive "Fooled Fish" Club #53 - Northern Pike Next time your in Florida get in touch and we will put you on some warm water biters Cheers, TK
  15. Hello Forum Friends, Just got this field report from Capt. Billy Nobles Thanks Capt. Billy " Just want to put up some pictures from the past two days offshore, The Snapper bite is on Freakin' Fire ! I haven't seen it this strong in a while, Limited out on both days lots of Yellowtails & Mangos On todays trip 90% of fish taken on Nekid Ball JIgz Limited out by 1pm, hope you guys enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them and catching the fish" Capt Billy Nobles
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