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Found 20 results

  1. I currently own a 7' Medium action Hurricane Calico Jack rated at a 8-17lb line weight. I'm currently considering respooling my reel that I have on the rod to carry 20lb powerpro and wondered if I would run into any problems if I were to have my line weight slightly higher than the stated capacity on the rod? I currently run 10lb mono, but have decided to switch to braid, which I currently have on another setup.
  2. Hey TOF Crew It's been a little while since the Fooled Fish List added a new member. Fooled Fish #59 - African Pompano! Congratulations to Chris Taylor "Doing a little tackle testing yesterday. Nekid Ball Jigz showed some promise. Caught this nice little African Pompano with it." "Thanks guys. I like the jigz. Can't wait to use the deep drop jigz!!!!!!" Chris Taylor Great Job Chris! We are looking forward to your deep drop report. The FF List keeps Growing! Cheers TK
  3. Hey TOF Crew, Just got this near shore report from Todd Randa.. "Hello, I have to report on this amazing lure. Yes, I said amazing. I went fishing with 2 friends of mine about 16 miles out of Clearwater in 65 feet of water. I have fished with the nekid ball jig, but only the smaller version and was sold on it.. I kind of made an assumption that it was great for smaller reef fish, but not grouper. so I never pulled out the larger one and tried it. My bad.. Boy was I wrong. It caught 4 to one with your regular knocker rigs for reef fish which includes grouper. Yesterday, I pulled out the large jig that was given to me by the designer of this rig and let me tell ya. I am going to go out and buy a bunch of them. I caught many grouper, and even a large Spanish mackerel. I was chumming and got lucky enough to lure in a large school of sardines, which must have felt the shadow the boat cast was a safe place to be cause they pretty much stayed under the boat all day. I believe the nekid ball jig was getting hit by large Spanish mackerel but those critters are hard to hook. I also free lined live sardines and set them on balloons and the mackerel were pounding them. I could watch them swoop in and grab the bait but they would hit just below the head thus avoiding getting hooked. The sad part is I could have filled a cooler with those guys, but couldn't hook them. I know in the past I have been told a hook with a stinger works great.. Not sure, but I thought I remember hearing that's not legal.. but I could be wrong. Can someone tell me how what would have been the best way to get these guys keeping in mind they were swarming the sardine bait ball and would attack any sardine we through in the water.. Any help would be appreciated.." TR Hey Todd, Thanks for a great report. Regarding stinger hooks, they are legal in Florida, but be sure to check your local regulations. Spanish Mack's can be tricky, try a quick, erratic jigging retrieve, the action of the NBJ will drive them crazy. Cheers TK
  4. Hey TOF Friends, Just got this report from Manwich710 Personal Best Gag Grouper caught on NBJ. "This is the only photo I have of fish caught on NBJ, but we have caught mangrove snapper, grunts and small grouper on your 1 oz jigs. This day was first morning after a full moon 40 feet off of Egmont this summer. Went out solo fished a NBJ and 2 flat lines, caught nothing but sharks on flat line, caught best personal grouper on NBJ, only hit on bottom that morning. Had a nice prize to show off when I picked up wife and kid for sandbar fun. Little cutie is my 2 year old girl Brooklyn Rose" Congrats Manwich710... Nothing better than fishing with a Little Angel & catching your Personal Best Grouper on NBJ! Cheers TK
  5. Pro Angler is seeking people who know the waters better than your average weekend warrior. If you, or one of your buddies, has ever been called a fishing nut, we want you on our team. We are looking for fishermen who fish saltwater - Be it Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine or any other saltwater state. We are assembling the elites, to expand a group that we call the Angling Authority. These are die-hard fishermen like yourself who give current fishing reports that tens of thousands of anglers will use. Each report will be graded by one of our full time legend staff and you will be awarded points depending on the quality and the quantity of the reports you send us. The points you earn go towards tackle products, free subscriptions, Pro Angler products, charter trips, accommodations and way more! For more detailed information send a quick e-mail to [email protected] . We look forward to hearing from you!
  6. Hey TOF Crew, Got this video in my feed and thought you guys might enjoy it. If you have ever fished the Inlet pier and wondered what it looked liked underwater, Well here you go. Here are a few pics from our last visit to the inlet. These Bruiser sized Jacks kept us busy for hours. Also landed some nice Blues and a couple of decent Pomps. All fish caught on 1/2oz Polar White NBJ Cheers TK
  7. Hello TOF Crew, Just got this offshore report from Marc Bonnano " Tough day today, got 5 keeper reds, lots of short reds, remora, snake fish and grunts all with the big jig... Multiple red grouper all on nekid balls... They rock!." Marc Jay Lehman - "Most amazingly productive artificial lure I've ever used." Congrats to Marc Bonnano & Crew for scoring some Big RG's. Nothing Better than "Fishing Nekid !" Cheers TK
  8. Hello TOF Crew, NBJ in the Tampa Tribune http://tbo.com/south-shore/im-so-glad-to-be-fishing-now-20150624/ Want to thank Capt. Larry Malinoski, aka the Fish Hawk, Cheers TK Have a Safe & Happy 4th!!!!
  9. Hello TOF Crew, Glow Tail Snapper Field Test Results Want to personally thank Dylan Hubbard and the entire Hubbard's Marina family for the chance to test our new glow tails in Florida's cool summer darkness. I was joined by NBJ Pro-Team Member John Masters. Capt. Garrett & his knowledgeable and friendly crew put us on some nice shows of fish, time to have some fun. Had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with Marc Bonanno. He has had some seriously good luck fishing NBJ. The glow tails charged quickly and illuminated the dark, so down they went. It wasn't long before the fish started coming over the rails. . Scored several undersized Red Grouper including one that Shattered my previous record. This RG stretched the tape out to 3-1/2 inches and almost covered the entire length of my palm. Landed some very nice sized Grunts & Porgies plus Scamp & Lane Snappers. The rest of boat were landing some keeper sized Gags that were quickly released, see you soon. Some very nice sized Mangrove Snapper were also thrown in for good measure. It was cool watching Dylan fish, every time I turned around he was putting the boots to another one with his 2 speed. Never says anything, all you hear is the sound of fish meat hitting the deck and then see the crew adding another one to his stringer. Our fishing partner Marc Bonanno scored the Big Daddy Mango with his late scoring & Prize Winning Mangrove Snapper. Congrats Marc. We had a great time with great people. Made some new friends and got to test the new glow tails. We have more field tests to follow and if your interested I will continue to post our results for all to see. Thanks, Dylan & Mark Hubbard, Capt. Garrett & Crew, Marc, John and Team Hubbard's. Cheers TK
  10. Hey TOF Crew, Every so often we get a photo that says it all.... Without saying a word! Just received these pics and fishing report from Emerson & Michael Wilhite Featuring Her Fantastic American Red Snapper ... WOW! Caught on 1oz Pink NBJ. "Hi Todd - I used your jigs during AR season.. My daughter loved them. Emerson's ARS on NBJ - pink of course We fished in 120ft. Experimented with your pink and green jigs. The pink worked best. Looking forward to some more experimenting on Mangs and Hog Snapper." Thx Mike Congrats Emerson & Michael, Nothing Better than Catching the Fish of a Life Time with Dad! Cheers TK Michael with another NBJ Red Beauty! Michael is President of Release Offshore Gear 'Performance Offshore Apparel and Gear'
  11. I will be making a trip down to Palm Beach, FL in a few days and plan to bring along my fly rod, I will most likely just give it a shot right from the beach in the mornings. Does anybody have any information/suggestions on which flies are working right now? What I might catch on the beach right now? How to fish this area? I have fished Sanibel island before and I know there the fish were right off the beach in the first trough, will this be the case? Anything will help!
  12. Well today was the day! New Personal Best 42" Snook Caught on 1/2oz Chartreuse Yellow NBJ. Got out to Pet Beach just after 8am. The tide had turned and was coming in fast. Had a feeling I should retie my leader and boy am I glad I did. The hit was MASSIVE and she took off running up current then turned and made a beeline down the beach. The power of these Big females is unreal. Run after run, until I was able to apply enough pressure to bring her onto the beach. My brand new leader was shredded, one more strong run and she would have been gone. After a short picture session and some serious thumb sucking,The Snook, Not Me.... She was swimming Free! Great way to start the Day! Cheers TK
  13. Nekid Ball Jigz Pro-Team Offshore Report - John Masters "Went out of Miami and headed North towards Ft. Lauderdale trolling around 15 miles offshore looking for Mahi-Mahi. At around 8am three rods went off. One was a miss, the second was a Cow, Dave quickly brought her in. The third rod I grabbed was a 39lb Bull. As I was fighting the bull I see a peanut jumping over and around my line. Start thinking to myself.... If that little $%^#$ cuts me off I'm gonna explode. About this time I see Dave is using my Redbone rod and there was an NBJ tied to it. Woooo Hoooo Fish On! Watched the Dolphin jumping over and over, figured it weighed about 15lbs The fight didn't last too long on the 10lb test, it went into overdrive and is now swimming free with a Polar White/Crystal Flash Lip Ring. Dave quickly grabs another rod rigged with a 1/4oz Polar White/Crystal flash, it only took a few seconds in the water before the line starts ripping off the spool, only to end in a quick break off. Maybe there was still some nicked line that was higher up the leader that got missed getting trimmed off, Always check the full length of the leader and the last few yards of your main line. Looked like the biggest fish of the day. Now that we have the Big Bull in the boat. We re-rig and begin trolling again. After about 10 mins, we spot 5 Frigate birds circling and diving, so we head that way and all four rods go off. We were in a LARGE school. I quickly land my fish so I can grab an NBJ rod. This time the rods have on 1/2oz Hot Pink/Orange Shrimp. There are still two fish being fought on the stern, so I chooseto go amidships and drop it strait down. It didn't get 10 feet below the boat before it was engulfed by another 15lber,and then a second one on the next drop. After the fish were landed, we drifted for a few minutes so we could re-rig, I made another cast out and caught another just short dolphin. Back she goes! After the guys finished rigging, we trolled for about another half hour and filled our limit. Then it was time to go home, wash the boat, clean the fish, take a shower and Pass Out." JM Great Report John Cheers TK
  14. NBJ Fooled Fish #58 American Red Snapper Congrats to Trent Nelson for scoring limits of Sweet Red Snapper & Red Grouper on his last trip offshore. "Where can I get these in the Tampa area?. They killed it on the red snapper, but lost a couple. Need more for this Saturday. Thanks" Nekid Ball Jigz Hello Trent, Please visit our website for Secure Online Purchase http://nekidballjigz.com/Purchase_Securely.html Or you click the Retailers tab for a complete list of locations. Can u tell me about your snapper trip? Did u take any pics? Cheers TK Trent Nelson "Well, we had 2 rods out of the 6 started with your jigs and by 10 mins. into the trip all 6 anglers had them on. We had a limit of 12 all well over 20" in about 20 minutes. Biggest went about 20 pounds caught on a pink jig" Great Catch Trent, Let us how you how you do. Cheers, TK
  15. Hello TOF Friends, Wanted to share this mornings adventure with you, got out on the water this morning around 6:30 just as the tide began to push in. Joining me was my good friend and NBJ Pro-Team member Bryan Holton.he is an 8th generation Floridian and as today would prove a great choice for a partner, We got set up along one of our favorite St Joe Sound beaches and began riding the drift parallel to the beach. Throwing 1/4oz Hot Pink, Chartreuse Yellow & Polar White NBJ's, it wasn't long before I had the first strike when a jumbo ladyfish greeted us with several big jumps and then off she goes. It was Bryan's turn next, and again and again, well you get the point. He was on a roll, species after species came over the rail as he put on a beach clinic. It was fun seeing him hook up one after another and the best part was we were just getting started. Every time we reset to begin the drift again, Bryan was on them...Pompano, Trout, Jacks, Whiting, Silvers, Ladies and even a remora joined the parade. Bryan has been a Major supporter of NBJ from the very beginning and with his help and Jeannie's, I have been able to take Nekid Ball Jigz from out of the garage to around the country. Thanks Bryan & Jeannie, Cheers, TK
  16. Congratulations to Jay Lehman Fooled Fish #54 - Lesser Amberjack Cheers, TK Click the PDF Field Report FF 54 Jay Lehman.pdf
  17. Hello TOF Crew, Latest offshore Hogfish report from Capt. Barry Macfarlane of Gulf to Bay Charters. Please click on the PDF file for report. Thanks Capt. Barry Cheers, TK Capt Barry Macfarlane 1-21-15.pdf
  18. Hello TOF Just got these pics in from Capt. Billy Nobles & Capt. Glen Taylor Congrats Guys ! Keep'em Coming.... Fooled Fish #51 - Margate Grunt & Fooled Fish #52 - Scamp Grouper
  19. Hello TOF Crew, 2015 is starting off with Great News ! Got official word that Nekid Ball Jigz has been granted United States Patent # D720,036 Thanks to all TOF members and the many new friends I have made on the site and fishing NBJ. Have more news coming soon, stay tuned..... Thanks Gary P, Dave R & Mike for all your help and friendship. Cheers, TK
  20. Hello Forum Friends, Getting ready for an East Coast road trip, will post report upon returning. Received this report from NBJ Anglers Ron & Dick from the Daytona Pier " Nobody was catching anything on the pier, so we tied on Nekid Ball Jig and caught this 22" Flounder, then a 28" Redfish and Finally this guy swallowed Ron's Nekid Ball JIg... Ron didn't have the balls to get it back !" Thanks Guys
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