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Found 47 results

  1. Fish pecking like a machine gun! Have you ever had fishing trips when the fish pecked so often and a lot, as if shooting from a machine gun? This is the case!
  2. hello everyone! I’m a bass fisherman from Missouri who is learning how to catch inshore redfish, trout and flounder near Charleston SC. I’ve recently started a YouTube channel and have about 20 videos of fishing the low country. if interested give them a look. The above video is my latest. The title is crazy because a guy gave me his secrete weapon to fend off no see ems. tight lines, Kerry Browning
  3. Escape on a Panama sport fishing trip and experience one of the world’s most prolific big game fishing grounds. The Gulf of Chiriquí is a treasure of Panama with big game fishing at Hannibal Bank  and Isla Montuosa. During a 3-day trip, it is possible to land marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish, and cubera snapper. Add wahoo, Mahi, bluefin trevally, snook, grouper, and amberjack to the list as well.  Here is a map of Panama top fishing spots with a selection of fish species to catch in each area. Isla Secas This is a prime inshore fishing spot located 15 nautical miles from the lodge. The Island is part of an archipelago and the surrounding waters are very biodiverse with an abundance of roosterfish, amberjacks, wahoo, barracuda, and cubera snapper. Hannibal Bank Hannibal Bank is the top-rated Offshore fishing spot in Panama. It is one of the most unique fishing grounds in the world for big black marlin. The feeding ground is 15 square miles and has an abundance of yellowfin tuna, blue and black marlins, and pacific sailfish. The Bank is located 48 nautical miles from the lodge with a travel time of 1.5 hrs. Isla Ladrones Ladrones is located 17 nautical miles from the lodge with a travel time of 50 minutes. Known as thieves Island because of its towering green mountains. The area is great for hooking roosterfish, cubera snapper, and various jacks and wahoo in this area. Further offshore, you find tuna boil and excellent trolling for Marlin and Sailfish. Isla Montuosa Located 40 nautical miles from the Lodge, Isla Montuosa is an exceptional fishing ground. Near the steep undersea pinnacles, you can find black marlin, sailfish, and snappers. When it’s the right season, it’s common to hook yellowfin tuna of up to 200 pounds, as well as some absolutely monster marlin. Guests will pop billfish, tuna, broom-tail grouper, mullet snapper on this Panama fishing trip. Isla Parida This authentic escape is only four miles from the lodge. The area is covered in luscious mangroves where snorkelers and fishermen enjoy the sights of sea turtles and dolphins swimming freely. Consequently, these fertile fishing grounds deliver amberjacks, cero mackerel, wahoo, barracuda, roosterfish, and rainbow runners. Get in touch with us for more information. We'll be happy to have you! https://panamasportfishing.com/sport-fishing-panama/
  4. Ice fishing on grayling and whitefish without tent in spring. We went out on our river to go fishing. We will catch grayling and whitefish. The weather is very nice, sunny. True, at the end of fishing, it badly deteriorated, but this did not stop us from fishing. Watch the video to see the catch. Hope you enjoy!
  5. Fishing on the river, catching grayling and fly on an aeroboat. Hello! The three of us climbed onto our river to catch grayling. It is spring, but there is still ice on the river. In some places there are gaps, so we decided to go by air boat. More precisely, we flew) The weather was excellent and we did not take a tent with us. We liked everything! We hope you enjoy it too!
  6. Hello! In this video, my brother and I rode a snowmobile to a distant lake to fish for food. Caught perch and roach. The road was long, through rivers and forests, through wildlife, beautiful and primitive. When we arrived at the place, we immediately began to drill holes and look for fish. The first was a small perch. Then we set up a tent and began to fish in it. Roach began to collide. In the evening we ate the food that we took with us in a thermos and went to bed. To be continued tomorrow. video about how I made fishing rods from this video:
  7. Hello! This is the second day of our journey in the wild on a distant winter lake. Today we were fishing in the tent and outside. Caught a lot of fish and cooked fish soup. We spent another night on the lake and moved home in the morning through forests and rivers. We hope you enjoyed our trip and you were inspired by the atmosphere of winter wildlife. Although it’s spring already) video about how I made fishing rods from this video:
  8. There is a new sheriff in town! It's a tieless fish hook, called the Valley Hook, that attaches to your line so easy, men, women, children, and people with physical disabilities are loving it! No more needing to tie your hook on the line the traditional way. It works so well, I took my spinners, plastic worms, and crank baits and made them all tieless as well. And to top it off, I believe that Valley Hook has the world's first tieless fly... Ask your favorite retailer if they have the Valley Hook! web: thetielesshook.com
  9. Hey everybody. My name is Elena, and I am a fisher girl :))) I am fishing in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. And it is safe over here so don't hesitate about traveling down to D.R. And I invite everybody how's traveling down to Punta Cana to visit deep-sea fishing charters. My company usually gives good fishing offers and I am trying to make each fishing trip just perfect. Feel free to check our website we did it maximum full with fishing information so I hope you will enjoy it. SANTA ELENA CHARTERS
  10. Hey Anglers, just wanted to announce my signup here at the forum and introduce you to my work. I shoot everything on the water in South Florida which to include: Fishing tournaments Fishing teams Fishing Boats Boats for sale Yachts for sale Fishing and Water Products If you are active on your Instagram you can find me at @ah360views! I will include some samples below, but more of my work is available on my site: https://www.ah360views.com/
  11. This time of the year mackerel go nuts off the coast. My favorite is live chumming these fish. Find some structure, it can be a bridge, wreck, or ledge. Anchor up and start chumming. Take your greenbacks and crush their backs, two to three at a time, and toss them behind the boat. Tackle wise I like to start off with 40lb flouro and a long shank hook. Once they get fired up I will switch it up to wire so we don't loose as many hooks. This time of year it is easy to get limits along Anna Maria Island. Captain Philip Watson Just Kickin Back Charters
  12. $599 Brand new , ready to ship out, ( shipping free of charge ) Extend your Boating Season with The Element Bow Dodger Solution, No templating or advance measurement, online purchase. The Element® – the first and ONLY marine PREFAB Bow Dodger solution, is a boat shade for center console boats. A high-quality instant cabin that provides protection from sun, wind, and rain. Guaranteed to fit any center console boat within 24′ to 29′. The Element® allows you to spend the night aboard or camping on your center console boat, as it is a weather-tight, full enclosure boat tent structure. No snaps or studs on, like on old fashioned Spray Hood. The Element® can be removed in under a minute. It folds in a compact size and comes with a specially reinforced case that allows you to store it on board. The Element® does not require a T-top for installation. It provides shade, shelter, and privacy, unlike a standard Bimini Top. The Element® can be removed in under a minute. It folds in a compact size and comes with a specially reinforced case that allows you to store it on board. The Element® does not require a T-top for installation. It provides shade, shelter, and privacy, unlike a standard Bimini Top. https://www.marinecanopy.com/
  13. Hi, Did you have a chance to look into shade options on your center console boat? I like to go out fishing, but I have no chance to tag my young kids with me due to sun and wind. A good bow dodger did the trick. Everyone happy now.... and its and easy online purchase. Here is a review that sums it up. ​" The Element is a game changer it turns your center console into a safe n secure cabin cruiser and back into a center console in a few min. I really like the way it creates a safe space for my 3 young toddler grandkids to ride and have some shade. My wife appreciates a more comfortable ride on our way back from the Catalina Island on cool summer evenings it keeps her warm n dry. We are also planning on a camping trip to the Dry Tortugas later this summer so it should be great for stopping bugs! This is really a great product that fills several needs and it is very well made using high-quality materials. I would not put anything that is cheap looking or substandard on my new 2017 Boston Whaler 27 ft Dauntless. This boat travels between Fla and California. I have received many compliments on the Element and how nice it looks on my boat! " https://www.marinecanopy.com/
  14. Hi everyone, happy to join TheOnlineFisherman forum! I'm a born and raised South Floridian who loves to hunt deer and hogs, fish freshwater and saltwater and get into different outdoor fun. My wife and I have a YouTube channel EBOutdoors where we post videos of my hunting and fishing expeditions around South Florida. Subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with videos and follow us on Instagram @e.b.outdoors
  15. There are still a few more days left throughout the US! https://basstrapp.com/blogs/2017-us-free-fishing-days-by-state-no-license-required/free-fishing-days-for-2017-courtesy-of-basstrap-com
  16. Hello Ladies and Gents. I'm Joel (Adobo Fishing) and new to this forum. I just started capturing my catches on video and enjoy sharing them. I fish out of St. Augustine, FL. Surf fishing, kayak fishing, and I have a 16' scout boat. I hope to share more fishing memories with everyone. Please feel free to check my youtube channel or facebook: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCeDLQoKzcHGfnE4c3RnlHg https://www.facebook.com/adobofishing/?ref=bookmarks
  17. Want to go fishing, but don't want to stay in a hotel? Rent our house!!! We are located in St. James City, on Pine Island Florida... on a short canal and about 15 min to Pine Island Sound. There is a boat lift for your use, a totally remodeled house in a great neighborhood. Spring and summer rentals now being taken, and the prices are great!!! Oh, and we are pet friendly, so bring the pup too. Here is our VRBO page- https://www.vrbo.com/932715 And here is our Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/FishTalesVacationRental/ Check out both for photos of FishTales... give us a call if we can answer any questions for you. Happy Fishing!!!! Bernee Brawn, owner Carl Jervis, manager 239 282 5200 [email protected] com St. James City, Fl
  18. Hello, A friend of mine is going to be purchasing a 20ft container of Kayaks+Accessories directly from their manufacturer and he asked me to help him try and sell them. We will have both single and tandem fishing kayaks, as well as 45QT rotomolded coolers coming from the Manufacturer, however there is a minimum order quantity we have not yet attained. Attached are some general informational pictures. The prices include seats and detachable paddles and are: $600 for the tandem (12.5 ft), $400 for the single (9 ft), and $150 for the cooler (45 QT). However, we can offer a 10% discount right now. Let me know if you have any other questions. Here is a link to the imgur album with pictures/info: http://imgur.com/a/z8bcN
  19. hey folks, i'm going to be heading out to try and get one of those early beach kings later this week and was hoping to see if anyone knows of any good launching areas in the st pete beach area and north up to indian shores i have to trailer out my yak, so i did some driving around and found only a few spots to park but got to roll the yak out on the cart to the sands. not many places to park a car with trailer beach side save for the boat launch near park blvd, or up near bay pines, but I'd rather not do the latter, as yakking out of john's pass is dangerous with all the tourists and yahoo boat traffic. i'd really like to target a little north of reddington up into indian rocks. that hard bottom really attracts the kings. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!
  20. " data-width="500"> ">You may want to add Tropic Star Lodge to your bucket list adventure after watching this! Posted by The Online Fisherman on Monday, February 15, 2016
  21. this is a short review of the 2015 Shengzhong Lake China Open Championship. There were 80 "players" 60 from China and 20 from the rest of the World. Once in a life time experiance. My first Video, most shots taken with little or no sleep ... just saying...
  22. Pac Blue vs. Rusty Bellies ! Looks like Todd Randa is putting on a clinic with the Jumbo RG's. He has been on a Serious Roll lately with these end of season beauties. Judging from the size of those plump nuggets, we are going to have a great fall fishing season!. "My friend Brian Willis and I went fishing. he got his first keeper grouper weighing around 15lbs. great day.. I also caught a keeper grouper and we also caught around 10 shorts ... Also caught a squid. all caught on the miracle jig.. Nekid Ball Jig. Even the squid couldn't resist it. My friend Todd, the owner of the patent really created an awesome jig. Works on pretty much any fish. Its unique design triggers the bite. Everyone needs to try it. Even my friends in MN. I'm serious.. All my poles have those jigs on them.." TR Thanks for the offshore field report Todd, Nothing more satisfying than seeing the results of a great day on the water with friends and family. Cheers TK
  23. Hey TOF Crew It's been a little while since the Fooled Fish List added a new member. Fooled Fish #59 - African Pompano! Congratulations to Chris Taylor "Doing a little tackle testing yesterday. Nekid Ball Jigz showed some promise. Caught this nice little African Pompano with it." "Thanks guys. I like the jigz. Can't wait to use the deep drop jigz!!!!!!" Chris Taylor Great Job Chris! We are looking forward to your deep drop report. The FF List keeps Growing! Cheers TK
  24. Saturday, July 25th 1 PM Want to get on some Snapper but don't want to go offshore for them? Captain Mike Cole will be here on Saturday, July 25th at 1 PM to discuss the ins and outs of Mangrove Snapper fishing in Tampa Bay!
  25. CHRISTMAS IN JULY! Friday, July 24th - Wednesday, July 29th From Friday, July 24th until Wednesday, July 29th Tampa Fishing Outfitters will be hosting CAN'T MISS DEALS on apparel and tackle! Below is a full list of all deals running: - Purchase $130 or more of St. Croix rods and receive a FREE St. Croix t-shirt - Purchase $200 or more of St. Croix rods and receive a FREE St. Croix t-shirt and hat. - 30% off all remaining Skinny Water Culture apparel. - $15 off all Stradic FJs - Half off Power Pro or Ohero braided line with the purchase of any Red Tag reel.
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