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Found 15 results

  1. Hi.......I'm Gary, aka, PackerYaker. I'm an avid kayak angler, fishing mostly along the Nature Coast near Crystal River. I've created a new website called Nature Coast Kayak Fishers (fishingkayaks.us) where you can get more info about the area and fishery. Feel free to visit it and let me know what you think.
  2. Hello, A friend of mine is going to be purchasing a 20ft container of Kayaks+Accessories directly from their manufacturer and he asked me to help him try and sell them. We will have both single and tandem fishing kayaks, as well as 45QT rotomolded coolers coming from the Manufacturer, however there is a minimum order quantity we have not yet attained. Attached are some general informational pictures. The prices include seats and detachable paddles and are: $600 for the tandem (12.5 ft), $400 for the single (9 ft), and $150 for the cooler (45 QT). However, we can offer a 10% discount right now. Let me know if you have any other questions. Here is a link to the imgur album with pictures/info: http://imgur.com/a/z8bcN
  3. this is a short review of the 2015 Shengzhong Lake China Open Championship. There were 80 "players" 60 from China and 20 from the rest of the World. Once in a life time experiance. My first Video, most shots taken with little or no sleep ... just saying...
  4. My buddy and I hit up a popular spot that we new a low tide would produce. We got there early with great chance of rain, and we got lucky as we never truly got hit by it . The tide was dumping, so we drifted a flat just to get our bearings and to see if we could see any fish. All the while we threw some early morning topwater, and managed to find some very aggressive trout! None of size, just small aggresive fish! We then reached the far west side of this flat and Alan managed to find a small redfish in a sand hole, that he drifted over, casted back at, and it still ate! We searched for the next two hours with no redfish or snook to show for it. By this time the tide was completed dumped and a dead and dreadful low. We had to drag our yaks for quite some time. As we were dragging our yaks, Alan then spotted one redfish tail 20 yards away, and we rushed over there to see who could get the first cast at it! I was busy trying to pull our my fly gear as it was the perfect shot, but I failed ha ha and Alan stuck it with his Monster 3x. We then made it back to where we began and with a dead low tide, finally found the motherload of tailers mixed in with Mullet! Big bright white-ish looking tails. We made a few casts, and we were both hooked up to very solid 26 and 27 inches. I then lost what I belived would have been my personal bed redfish as one of the hooks in my weedless set up broke mid fight! Challenging but great day on the water. Just one of those days were you have to put in the work!
  5. Hi.......I'm Gary, aka, PackerYaker. I posted the following on the "Introduce Yourself" page several days ago, but want to put it here also for anyone interested. I'm an avid kayak angler, fishing mostly along the Nature Coast near Crystal River. I've created a new website called Nature Coast Kayak Fishers (fishingkayaks.us) where you can get more info about the area and fishery. Feel free to visit it and email me to let me know what you think.
  6. https://youtu.be/e8AGIfhweJo looking for people in key west or around key west that would like to fish for some tarpon I have all the bait we need to have a good evening of it looking for people to enjoy the ride with
  7. Had a couple free hours Friday morning so dumped the kayak into a local lake for some topwater action while the bass are crashing schools in the middle sections. Paddled out towards a school after finally seeing some action erupt. Only picked four off with a frog schemed ssj before they shut down in that particular area. Started working some new to me shorelines with only one more similar sized fish on the ssj to show. So started to troll a gold/black culprit worm on a 1/4oz jighead on the way back to launch and hooked into another that was best of the day so far. Anchored up in that spot and it was game on from there bringing eight more quality size fish to the boat and losing three others that shook the hook. Biggest shown below I'm guessing around 5lbs with a belly full of baitfish. Still rather be snook fishing but a bite like that on very light tackle is always a good time.
  8. Finally got the chance to do some saltwater fishing with the new kayak Monday morning. Warmer water temps had me headed up north to Ozello for some redfish on the flats. Just after launching I was greeted by a pair of bald eagles perched near an island river house. Very cool moment anchoring up to watch them and take in the nature coast scenery. After a paddle down river I was greeted at the first area with lots of mullet activity and perfect sight fishing conditions. After seeing a slob of an overslot redfish and a two other quality slot fish with no dice on the 3x I anchored up to make a change. After tying on a new penny z-man paddler I spotted a pair of reds cruising my way. Made a cast, got one to divert his attention, jigged it a little faster and he crushed it 15 feet in front of me. Sweet!! Just a little guy but after being at it all morning it felt good to finally get a sight casted red on arti's from my kayak. Amazing how the fan kicked on as soon as I released that fish. Sight casting became impossible so I moved across the flat to a wind protected shoreline which turned out to be a great decision. Casting the zman across a point I felt a rock hard thump, set the hook and see a massive snook's head shake outta the water and drag start peeling off. With mostly open flat surrounding I gave her a little play for the surging runs but not too much as I only had 30lb leader. This fish was pissed, head shaking an tail walking all over the place of course....just fraying away smh. After a few good runs I had her close enough to see just how big this fish was. Easily topslot or over and with the hook buried down her mouth I started getting much more anxious. She made another hard run and with one last head shake popped leader of course. UGHHHHHHHH......you all know that stomach sinking feeling we get, just makes us come back swingin!! So.....I have to ask you seasoned anglers, with a 4k reel,15lb braid, and 30lb leader in basically a no structure scenario should I have backed way off and played it slower or kept a smooth drag set as I did and try to gently but swiftly get her boatside?? Dave, if you're reading this I'd love to hear your thoughts. It doesn't bother me as much losing a fish to heavy structure, but that was a great chance at a huge snook and I came up empty handed. Took a while to swallow it down and get back to the drawing board. After gathering my marbles I moved into some unexplored areas along the paddle back to hide from the wind and see what we can't see from the boat I'm usually on in previous trips. Caught another redfish on the zman while I was back there as well. No numbers but when you're kayaking an area like Ozello and appreciate what mother nature still has to offer, catching fish can just be a bonus.
  9. I've been getting great redfish reports from a buddy of mine, so I decided to change it up and pursue reds on the flats of south St. Pete. Got off work at 4, loaded up my yak, and was on the water by 4:45. Love the simplicity and efficiency of a yak! Being my first time fishing the area with only an hour of the incoming tide remaining, I wasn't too hopeful. Launched my yak, peddled to the location, and I was immediately greeted with tons of happy mullet. Also saw a couple redfish tails waving at me. I started by throwing my trusty ol' Lil John on a worm hook, but couldn't get a bite. Then I switched to the new AquaDream pinfish spoon I just purchased. Saw a red chase my spoon, but still didn't hook up. 30 minutes later, I switch to my RedBone PaddlerZ with a jighead, cast it out past a big oyster bar, and immediately hook up after a couple cranks. Set the hook twice and I'm on! This red felt solid and made some real good runs for a few minutes before it gave up. Brought her yak side and knew she was an over slot fish. She went around 27.5-28 inches, but was extremely fat!! Definitely one of my fattest redfish! Afterwards, the tide went slack and all the mullet frenzy essentially died. I haven't caught many redfish on lures, but hopefully that'll change soon! What a great start to the beginning of Spring!
  10. My buddy Mike and I had the day off and wanted to get on some trout for the holiday, and after several cold fronts, I had high hopes that temps would be right and that the speckled trout would be active in the upper reaches of the Bay. The last front was a few days prior, so I knew that the waters temps would have normalized. The tides looked good for the am, but winds were to be a bit high. Not till the pm though, so we decided to gear up for an early morning creek mouth trip. I hit the bait shop the night before and stocked up on shrimp and creek chubs. I’m an anything that works fisherman, so changed a bunch of treble hooks on my hard plastics and organized my jigs and jib bodies so that I would be ready for anything. Tuesday am after hitting the water at sunup, right as the tides started pushing out, we headed to the mouth of the creek. Once there, I got my first fish of the day, a 16” speck on a dark soft plastic on my first pass slow trolling with the tide over a point. We hung there for a bit and fished just inside and outside the mouth with nothing else to show but a couple of short trout that my buddy lost in front of the boat, so we decided to move to the channel on the outside of the creek. I know this part of the creek pretty well and have fished there under similar conditions; outgoing tide in the am with a slight chop. The channel into the creek has a nice East to West run that catches the sun really well on a cold morning. When the water’s moving, the trout seem to pool up there really nicely. As I'd done before, I did a few passes with various baits back and hooked into my second trout of the day, another keeper on my Mirrodine. A few more passes and another couple of trout and I called Mike over and we anchored up on the North edge of the channel where we stayed for the next hour of so catching trout about every other cast. All in all, we probably caught 30 trout between the two of us. The biggest being 17.5” with enough keepers to fill both of our limits before we ran out of shrimp, the bite slowed and we decided to head in before the wind got too bad. As planned, we used everything in the arsenal. Most everything produced too, which is rare. The only non-producer were the chubs, which was surprising because they’ve done well for me lately. The best baits for the day were the Mirrodine and shrimp, but with the exception of the chubs, we caught fish on everything that we threw; Lil Johns, plastic jerk baits, and my new Live Target scaled sardine.
  11. Hey guys an gals. Haven't posted lately due to being so caught up in work an family issues. Inshore fishing has been pretty good lately so I'm looking for a change of pace. I'm really, really wanting to land my first king (from the kayak) this weekend or sometime soon. Been reading here an there about folks doing well about a mile out off Indian Rocks beach area. If I'm not mistaken, there are some artificial reef structures in the area??? I've only visited the area for leisure purposes so my fishing knowledge of the area is next to none. Plan on trying to troll some lures,throw some live bait, and chum like crazy. If anyone could chime in on good parking/launch spots,techniques,etc I'd be greatly appreciative.
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