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Found 2 results

  1. thien

    Good Spring Redfish!

    I've been getting great redfish reports from a buddy of mine, so I decided to change it up and pursue reds on the flats of south St. Pete. Got off work at 4, loaded up my yak, and was on the water by 4:45. Love the simplicity and efficiency of a yak! Being my first time fishing the area with only an hour of the incoming tide remaining, I wasn't too hopeful. Launched my yak, peddled to the location, and I was immediately greeted with tons of happy mullet. Also saw a couple redfish tails waving at me. I started by throwing my trusty ol' Lil John on a worm hook, but couldn't get a bite. Then I switched to the new AquaDream pinfish spoon I just purchased. Saw a red chase my spoon, but still didn't hook up. 30 minutes later, I switch to my RedBone PaddlerZ with a jighead, cast it out past a big oyster bar, and immediately hook up after a couple cranks. Set the hook twice and I'm on! This red felt solid and made some real good runs for a few minutes before it gave up. Brought her yak side and knew she was an over slot fish. She went around 27.5-28 inches, but was extremely fat!! Definitely one of my fattest redfish! Afterwards, the tide went slack and all the mullet frenzy essentially died. I haven't caught many redfish on lures, but hopefully that'll change soon! What a great start to the beginning of Spring!
  2. I won’t say the number of fish I caught so I don’t have to read all the posts telling me that my fishing report is just a fabled “Fish Tale”. But I will say this, I lost count of the number of fish I caught in the mid-twenties. Sometime thereafter, I caught 5 fish on 5 consecutive casts. Additionally, at another point in the day, I went 3 for 3. I don’t have a good set up for taking pictures when fishing alone, so I am posting the GoPro footage. The GoPro went dead just as I got into the upper slots which will certainly fuel some fish tale allegations by itself J http://youtu.be/irsq84fptg4 Here is a video of me missing a fish. http://youtu.be/AfotAZHDZSk So, the day started with me planning on my wife fishing with me. As usual, she backed out as we were about to pull out of the driveway. You know, just late enough that I cannot invite anyone else. I got to the lagoon late morning. I planned on fishing inside the clinkers from Haulover to WSEG because of the forecasted wind. As usual, the weather “experts” were wrong with their forecasts, but this time it was to my advantage. NO WIND. As such, I headed straight to where I saw a bunch of black drum that my buddy could not get to eat last time we fished J I figured that I could get them to eat. As I approached my spot, I was looking forward and east scanning the flats for fish. For some reason, I was not paying attention to my right. A few minutes of trolling go by when I just happen to look right. As I did so, I see that I spooked a large school about 5 seconds or so before I finally looked that way. Knowing that spooked fish are tight lipped, I just kept trolling along. As I continue to troll, I sneak up on a school of probably 30-50 overslot reds. My heart starts pumping and I try to hit the off button on my trolling motor. Only problem was that I hit the max speed button and send the fish into a race off the flat. As I am laughing about how terrible I am at fishing, I finally arrive to where I was going. I start seeing fish right away. As I make the first cast of the day at a red about 20 yards away, I hear one of my guides bouncing around. I laugh at that as well because the last time I went fishing, I fished for 6 hours, broke a guide on my favorite rod and had an issue with my favorite reel too. Needless to say, I didn’t do a report for that trip. As such, when the eye on my backup rod broke on my first cast this trip, I could only laugh and thank God for all my other many blessings J So, in summary, 2 spooked schools and a broken rod, so far. Anyways, I keep on keeping on. Eventually, I see about 5 large over slot reds. I get a couple shots at them as they snub me in each case. As many of you know, I like to get out of the boat and wade fish from time to time. So I decided to mix it up and give that a try. I hopped out of the boat and wade fished for a little while with no luck. Around 12:00, I decide to start working the banks while heading south planning my route home. While doing so, I finally catch my first fish. A nice mid slot red. I get her back in the water and then start picking off red after red after red while trolling down the bank blind casting at mullet action and pot holes. Eventually, I pick up a 22 inch trout. That bank eventually went cold, so I decided to cross the flat and fish the back country headed south back to Haulover. Another boat was headed in the same direction, but they were poling (ah the joys of fishing with friends vs. the wife who cancels last minute). In order to beat them to the exit runway I wanted to fish, I jacked the TM speed up to 10 to get far enough in front of them that I would not effect their stealth. As I was crossing the flat, I spooked gator trout after gator trout. I was already committed to crossing the flat though, so I didn’t stop to fish that area. Hopefully those fish are still there the week after Christmas. As I got to the next spot, I quickly picked up another nice red in the mid to upper slot range. This fish was much heftier than the earlier ones. The problem was that the GoPro was now dead. Oh well, no more proof J After I released that fish, I caught 4 more just like it on my next 4 casts. Now I am pumped. As I release the last one, I make some more casts and keep moving south. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see some tails. I try to keep my distance, but cant reach the tails with my casts. I don’t want to move any closer because I don’t want to spook them. I found myself wishing I had those new microwave guides that I tested out the day before that gave you about 10-20 more yards casting distance. I eventually moved the boat to within casting distance and eventually went 3 for 3 on some really angry reds. They hit the lure so hard it was just funny. In fact, it kind of reminded me of fishing for jacks because you could just toss the lure in their vicinity and reel it back fast and they were destroying it. After wearing out that school, I decided to look for the elusive 3rd species to complete the slam. Well, I didn’t find it, so I didn’t get the slam. Well, the wife had demanded that I be back home around 3 to hang out with the in-laws prior to going to see the Singing Christmas Trees at First Baptist of Orlando at 5. In protest, I “unintentionally” lost track of time and did not get home until 430. I was able to flush the motor, shower, change and make it to the singing Christmas Trees only 5 minutes late, so I did not have to sleep in the dog house. The problem was that I don’t know whether my stomach or the actual Christmas trees was singing louder for the next two hours. Usually when I am fishing and not catching anything, I remember to hydrate and have a sandwich. But I guess it slipped my mind due to all the catching.