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15.5' Canoe FOR TRADE!!

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Hey guys, I am putting my Canoe up for sale/trade. I am buying a boat soon, and I won't have any use for it. It is nothing too crazy- Pelican 15.5' Canoe. Made with Ram-X (composite ish material, very durable, bends instead of breaking) Three seats, rod holders, cup holders, carry handles on both ends. I have caught a lot of fish in this thing out in the flats when I lived in New Port Richey. Fishes two people comfortably, never tried three, but it is rated for 800lbs. I have an anchor with line, two paddles, and two life jackets to go with it. I am open to different trades. I love fishing gear (cast nets, rods, reels, tackle, etc), boating stuff, things to protect my home, also looking for a high end elliptical for my wife.Could add cash to some trades if i REALLLLLY want what you have lol.Here is a link to the same canoe:I can send you pics of the actual canoe when I get home this afternoon...http://www.walmart.com/ip/Pelican-15.5-Leisure-Canoe/8187892

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