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Stick-N-PigZ Tournament Report

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Hello Forum Folks,I went down towards Anna Maria Island for the day. We were at the first boat ramp going over to the beach on Hwy 64. Mark and the Stick N Pigz folks were having a fishing party. I saw red fish in every size. :worthy: People fishing with white bait and lures. It did seem that the top teams were using live bait. The trout I saw were huge as well. :thumbsup: The weather was awesome with sunshine and lite winds. The On Line Fisherman gave out some shirts and cash prizes. :smiley-cool The fishing from what I saw was awesome . So if your fishing for reds or trout heading that way my be the ticket.Here are some photos from my day.Enjoypost-472-14121222322972_thumb.jpgTeam On line fishermanpost-472-14121222323194_thumb.jpgTeam Action Yamahapost-472-14121222323411_thumb.jpgLife is Goodpost-472-14121222323635_thumb.jpgMark and Staffpost-472-14121222323885_thumb.jpgFishing Fanspost-472-14121222324192_thumb.jpgTeam Reel Life ( The Winners )

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