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What's up from South Carolina!

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Whats up guys, I finally got a decent kayak. A wilderness system Commander, 14 ft the thing is a BEAST i can stand and fish all day, which is cool because im 6'0 and 245. Also I got a new job! i think god was deff looking out for me on this one, i'm a butcher now at a local supermarket up here. the awesome thing is, my boss is a HUGE fisherman / hunter and we've been going out on his boat alot lately doing striper bass fishing up here in the rivers it's awesome because ill get my 40 hour week but well leave work early friday and go fishing!! haha he's a cool guy, and im getting trained how to cut meat, and my $$ will go up! but anyways hope you guys are doing good, ill wright a report or two when i get my phone working again to get some pictures!

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