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Some action wading CCC/CP/HF area with PB's

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Last two or three weekend morns been wading in my usual areas but bite has not been that great. Here are some short reports. At CCC last Sunday, started early looking/waiting for the mullet, once it started I landed a 20" red on skitterwalk with a couple other blowups, followed the mullet using soft plastic for a while and nothing else. Yesterday morn started early with skiiterwalk right before daylight saw some movement near some mangroves, cast, boom, miss, second boom, fish on, got spooled for 30-40 yrds to the open flats, did a 360 around me and headed toward mangroves, I started moving away from mangroves but was still able to turn her, really did not know how big she was, never jump or shook head out of water. Finally got her to me and I knew this was my biggest snook landed hoping for a 40". Measure at least 38", half of tail went past law stick. Really hard to measure or take pics by yourself with a fish this big. Used timer on front camera of iphone, it was actually still fairly dark and I was over waist deep in water. Pics suck, did not do justice.Last Sat morn waded an area by HF, early morning wasn't doing to well, just a couple of chases. Reached to a narrow pass, switched to soft plastic, on the end of out going tide, one bump then a thump thought at first decent snook but a 23" Spanish Mack instead, PB. Couple of a casts later, harder thump, over a 24" Mack, another PB back to back. Most macks I catch on the flats or DI are usually in the mid-teens. I could barely grab this with one hand while it flopped, much more thicker even though an inch longer than the other one. Got a couple of more bumps and tide went slack. I was done. CP has been sort of a bust lately(not favorable tides) but got two small snook and a trout this morning.post-8238-14121223537131_thumb.jpgpost-8238-1412122353765_thumb.jpgpost-8238-14121223538644_thumb.jpgpost-8238-14121223539567_thumb.jpg

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