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Who Is Interested In Another Fishing/camping Trip?

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As a lot of you remember Andrew Benak and I started talking about doing a trip south last year and we made it happen. It was a ton of fun fishing and camping out of Flamingo (Everglades National Park) back in Janurary, and I want to see who would be up for another trip!

I wanted to get this topic restarted and get a basic REALISTIC view of ones that would do it again in Jan or Feb of 2015.

Camping is super cheap, I paid for it last year and I will again this year. So all you need to do is get there and bring your essentials, food and gear etc.

There are miles of epic flats/backcountry and plenty of fish to be had.

I need to check on a good campground there, but Chokoloskee area could be another option.

Thanks guys and girls


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Is there a motel close by to camp at? Nothing fancy, I'm just to old to camp!

Mike- I know for Flamingo the nearest anything is like a solid 45 min drive minimum. But yes there are hotels before you get into the park.

I will give details as I get things hashed out very soon.

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Ok so I have been doing a bit of thinking LOL...


So how does Janurary 16-20 sound? It would be nearing a NEW moon and should be fishy as you want! Nothing set in stone, just testing the waters for right now.


Please chime in with yes, no etc...


Thank you

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