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Who Is Interested In Another Fishing/camping Trip?

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Getting excited on this end as well, we're bringing Key West Shrimp and some fire wood, looking forward to meeting everyone. And catching some red fish so you can cook it Phil. Don't forget your blackening seasoning.. Lol

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picked up my new Native Ultimate FX last night from Bill Jacksons. She looks fast! Not fully rigged, I need rod holders.


Big question... Paddel or peddle yak? Leaning toward getting the Ultimate in the water.


Try to be there by noon on Friday. Thanks Kurt for the extra phone number.

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Last minute heads up for anyone wanting to join in! There is room for a couple of people, basically one tent.

Unfortunately, Rob has to skip this trip. So if anyone wants to go please let me know today!


I know somebody has to be able to wing it last minute!!



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We are getting packed and ready for this adventure.  Hope to be there by noon also.  Do we check in and ask for Phil's reservations? Can't wait to meet everyone.

Yes I have to get there to check in for all of us. They give me the site and vehicle passes when I get there and I will hand them to everyone as you arrive on site. I will send you a PM with my cell number so you can call or text me as you arrive.


I'm packing now, and am ready to meet everyone and FISH!!!

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80#  Bulk Ice is in freezer and approaching zero degrees,, 10#  pounds of fresh-caught Key West Pinks 26-30's bagged and tagged, a dozen baking potatoes looking for a bed of coals, still have to marinate the Rib-Eyes,(sorry, only 2 of those), and pick the fresh mint from the yard for Mojito's,  YEP,, LIFE IS LOOKING GOOD!!!!

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Another fun trip in the books!!


Thanks to everyone that showed up, it was awesome to meet new faces and enjoy what we all love... Fishing and drinking LOL!!!


I picked up Alex at 3 am on Friday on the way to the glades. We decided to leave that early to allow some time to scout the tamiami trail for some canal (off the side of the road) fishin! We hit a few good spots and came up dry.

We arrived to Flamingo campground just before noon and set up camp quickly. Alex was chomping at the bit to get on the water, and so was I! We saw Pam pull up and since Alex was jumping around like a kid in a candy store, we decided to head up the road to launch at Coot Bay Pond. After the pond, we navigated through a sweet mangrove tunnel full of spiders and low hung branches and found out way to Coot Bay (which is the general entrance to deeeeeeep backcountry) coot bay is huge and the wind was less than desirable so we scouted the entire bay. He went one way and I went the other. Alex ended up finding a sweet spot with some decent snooks and got hooked up, I came out dry. Tuff!

Pam had Kurt text me asking when we were going to be back for dinner (she's my fishing mom LOL) so we made our way back and enjoyed a great dinner (Joes killer cincinatti chili) and laughter around the fire.


Saturday morning was forecasted to be crap and it wasn't far off that forecast.

Alex woke up and said "it's the glades, and I would be pissed at myself if I didn't at least try".... So off he went into the wind and rain. I decided to stay at camp waiting for Adam and his good friend Jacob from GA. It rained hard off and on and a constant 15-20 mph wind all day. Just after Adam got there, Alex came back to camp saying he got a few fish... A few small reds, some trout, and a small cuda all on fly. The weather let up and actually got half decent so we all headed out. We worked toward Snake Bight (world renowned flat) and the others were near the mouth area as Alex and I kept truckin onto the flat. Wind, wind, and more wind... No blockage. But we found fish quickly! We found ourselves surrounded by solid blacktip Sharks! Not one or two, but schools of them everywhere, smashing bait! We had a few very solid shots on them but no takers as well as a few very spooky chunky reds! Ty and Pam got hooked up on solid snooks at mid to top slot!!! And Joe got a solid 28" red!!! Others got solid jacks!! Great work from those guys for sure!

Headed back for camp and dinner was the main deal of the day. Kurt brought us all the sweet big pink key west shrimps and I think we all thought that was the main dish until Pam whipped out her jumbalaya and the grub was in full effect! Lori and Rita brought some killer blackberry cobbler for some dessert! Ty and Delores came over to jou for after dinner beers and bs around the fire and man the funny began in full swing!! I'm sure we can all agree that Joe was the comic of the camp and with his "huggie" around his neck always holding a cold beer, he was ready for anything and I'm not sure I've laughed that hard as I did that night! Truly fun times!


Sunday we woke to calm winds but a forecast of wind at 15-20! Alex, Adam, Pam, and I decided to paddle a few miles out to an island that last year held massive amounts of redfish, but we were rewarded with murky wind blown water and not a single bite! So with water running off the flat very quickly we decided to head back to another island near shore, near camp. And that was the paddle from HELL! It was 2' chop and 20mph plus head winds with some stout gusts to push that dagger in further, ugh! It was the worst paddle I've done. Well, we finally make it to the island and it was very clear and somewhat calm and immediately started seeing small reds here and there, but nothing to write home about. Pam decided to drift on and Alex, Adam, and I decided to work the backside of the island and saw the tide had all but emptied the entire area other than a few huge deep cuts. Well those deep cuts held fish! We all hooked up with snooks and jacks and I think Alex toga other small cuda LOL. We scouted closer to camp and the tide started rolling back in. And as I stopped and tried to enjoy a granola bar, I see tarpon rolling 20' in front of me!!!! I dropped the granola bar in the yak, grabbed the fly rod and started throwing!!! Alex and Adam showed up and all of the sudden we were surrounded by tarpon up to about 30+ lbs!! One hit Alexs fly while he was gazing at another poon rolling next to him and didn't set the hook before the poon let go! Heart break! Anyways none hooked. We moved to another point that was ROLLING water around it and as soon as we got there (all of this was in about a 100 yard area) the snook could be heard absolutely crushing bait in the groves! They were also acompanied by frenzied jacks! It was fun for about an hour as the entire shoreline was going off!!

We headed back to camp and dinner was on again! Jumbalaya, hotdogs, pasta salad, fish dip, etc! Oh and some peach cobbler brought by Lori and Rita! Yum!! We drank, laughed our butts off again as a group, and really had a great time! A few of us stayed up late talkin fishing and decided go home a day early. We packed up and left on Monday due to 30 mph winds and rain forecasted. It ended up being a smart choice for sure!

All in all I think everyone had a great time. I just wish the weather cooperated! It was great meeting new faces and I look forward to the next adventure soon!


Thank you all!!!! Here are some pics from the trip, enjoy.















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