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Hey everyone, stumbled across this gem and figured I would start to contribute! My name is Luke and I am a big freshwater guy over here Lakeland. I do do saltwater as well but am much more knowledgeable in the freshwater department. Hoping you all can help me grow my saltwater knowledge and I will help as much as i can with fresh!

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Hey Luke;

That count of posts includes string feedback sometimes on our old software.
Don't sweat.

But as far as Saltwater information, the TOF Website has TONS of great How-Tos, Reports, forecasts, videos of fishing reports, etc.
Pretty much anything you want to know is available -- just put your terms in the SEARCH box.
If you have a tough, specific question, usually these knowledgeable guys on the Forum can handle it, but if not, send in an "Ask A Captain" question to Captain David Rieumont.

If he doesn't know it, then no one does.

Check out our Educational Saltwater Portals -- just pick your species here:


Welcome and Enjoy - Paul, Editor, TOF

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Hello everyone.  My name is James and I am 34 and been a fisherman all my life.  Mostly freshwater lakes and rivers and shore fishing around Matanzas Inlet and Cedar Key  Recently my dad received an old Boston Whaler from his fathers estate.  It had a huge hunk of junk on the back, so dad threw a 90 hp Evinrude on it.  I had never been out in saltwater away from shore.  It has been a blast.  We go out a couple Sundays a month and my 6 year old son has been able to come along a couple times, which is very special.  You see the 45 year old Whaler belonged to my granddad whose name was James Edward Powell.  Well my dad being James Edward Powell Jr. and me being James Edward Powell 3rd, and my son being the 4th, there is four generations out on that boat sometimes.  Counting my granddad who is deceased, because it's his boat and he is out there with us in spirit.  That's pretty awesome to me.  If anybody has any good spots within a couple hours of Gainesville, we would sure like to check them out.

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A couple of lakes near Gainesville off the top of my head are Newnans, Crescent and Orange.

Orange Lake is in Ocala, about 20 miles from Gainesville. It's the largest lake around there.

Water depths average 5 feet and go to 12 feet.

You can catch plenty of bluegill, redear sunfish, black crappie and largemouth bass, which are generally caught in the deeper spatterdock, emergent grasses and hydrilla.


Here is a link to our Portal Species Educational Series.
This one is: 10 Tips to Catch Largemouth Bass.




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