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Late Report - 11/11 Creek Mouth Fishing For Specks

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My buddy Mike and I had the day off and wanted to get on some trout for the holiday, and after several cold fronts, I had high hopes that temps would be right and that the speckled trout would be active in the upper reaches of the Bay.  The last front was a few days prior, so I knew that the waters temps would have normalized.  The tides looked good for the am, but winds were to be a bit high.  Not till the pm though, so we decided to gear up for an early morning creek mouth trip.  


I hit the bait shop the night before and stocked up on shrimp and creek chubs.  I’m an anything that works fisherman, so changed a bunch of treble hooks on my hard plastics and organized my jigs and jib bodies so that I would be ready for anything.  


Tuesday am after hitting the water at sunup, right as the tides started pushing out, we headed to the mouth of the creek.  Once there, I got my first fish of the day, a 16” speck on a dark soft plastic on my first pass slow trolling with the tide over a point. We hung there for a bit and fished just inside and outside the mouth with nothing else to show but a couple of short trout that my buddy lost in front of the boat, so we decided to move to the channel on the outside of the creek. I know this part of the creek pretty well and have fished there under similar conditions; outgoing tide in the am with a slight chop.  The channel into the creek has a nice East to West run that catches the sun really well on a cold morning.  When the water’s moving, the trout seem to pool up there really nicely.   As I'd done before, I did a few passes with various baits back and hooked into my second trout of the day, another keeper on my Mirrodine.  A few more passes and another couple of trout and I called Mike over and we anchored up on the North edge of the channel where we stayed for the next hour of so catching trout about every other cast.  All in all, we probably caught 30 trout between the two of us.  The biggest being 17.5” with enough keepers to fill both of our limits before we ran out of shrimp, the bite slowed and we decided to head in before the wind got too bad.


As planned, we used everything in the arsenal.  Most everything produced too, which is rare.  The only non-producer were the chubs, which was surprising because they’ve done well for me lately.  The best baits for the day were the Mirrodine and shrimp, but with the exception of the chubs, we caught fish on everything that we threw; Lil Johns, plastic jerk baits, and my new Live Target scaled sardine.



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Thanks all.  I was really happy to get into some trout after not getting any reliably for far too long.  I've been counting the cold fronts, tracking the water temps and taking the occasional exploratory trip just waiting for the trout to move in for the winter.


Thanks for the report and pics, Henri.  Glad you found the trout and they were cooperative.  Were there many pinfish and puffers attacking your shrimp? 



We didn't have any pinfish or puffers, but we couldn't keep the crabs off of anything that we tried to fish near the both.  


Yes, Pam, she was.  She loves speckled trout, and always wants to see my catch.  

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