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Really neat to see the "catch-me-if-you-can" topwater tease of that big angry jack. Looking forward to some fly rod jack action - haven't used my 8 wt in salt yet. Probably need to take a 4-day camping trip to Glades or Keys to find time to work out those kinks this winter.

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While solo hunting Cobia last year I came across some.  Those big boys are unbelievable.  I was using my poon rig and it was still pulling drag.  After the third or forth one I was worn out.  


While fighting one, I know that on one fight one fish stole the plug from another.  


It's no secret that the big ones school up in the winter in the powerplants so I don't feel to bad posting that's where I caught them.  If you're going to chase 'em gear up, cause those big boys will spool you.  I was using a Cabo 50 and 8' Teramar XFast with 40# powerpro.  I was tossing  a 5" chug bug.  They won't be to hard to see - it's mayhem on the surface. 


Sample size below - for scale I wear size 13 crocs; 12 shoe.  I believe this one was around 28-30".  Oh yeah...what out for those spikes on the back.  



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