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182 Pompano In Article

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I didn't see the article mentioned, but regardless, just because a screwed up law says that you can keep 182 of any fish, doesn't mean that you should. I have zero respect for anyone that would do this. This is not what fishing is about and not what I would hope that we are trying to promote on this site.

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To all concerned;


Well, without making a big deal out of this, the man makes his living catching fish.
Captain Miller has a commercial RS Products license, which is why he can keep 182 Pompano.

I don't understand why people have a problem with that.

We have trawlers from other countries right off our coast that use nets 3 miles long, that catch and kill all kinds of animals as "bycatch."


A local fisherman making a living is totally legal and understandable.





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From where I sit, not that it matters to anyone other than me, the problem lies in that the Online Fisherman logo says "information, education and entertainment for ANGLERS."


Anglers, primarily according to Wikipedia, "Angling is the principal method of sport fishing."


Commercial fisherman, licensed or not, are rarely considered as anglers, even when/ if their primary method of catching is rod and reel.


My $0.02

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