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112 Fish Video (Of Course Condensed) Lol

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Here is the video that I did for the day that we got 112 fish.  I hope in the beginning I lay out well enough of how and what I look for when preparing to fish on a day like that day!  Everything aligned just right for us and it was an incredible day.  Hope you enjoy!


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Great video Todd.    Congrats on such a stellar day catching! 





In the beginning - you showed conditions, tides and solunars and mentioned that most fish were caught during those minor and major solunar times - and then also said "the tides coincided perfectly with the solunar periods".  


I always looks at those same elements as well prior to going fishing (along with winds of course) and have found through my experiences that moving water seems to be the predominant factor that "turns on the bite".    


I have seen the bite turn on and then off coinciding with the projected solunar feeding periods many times and do pay attention to that factor - but it seems to me there are many more times than not when the projected solunar period does NOT help or spur fish to eat.  Seems like about 10-15% of the time I notice an improved bite (sometimes dramatic) when the solunar time hits and 85+% of the time I do not.  


So If I won't be out for an all day trip and/or have just a few hours, I always shoot for fishing when the current is moving strongly (whether in or out). As opposed to fishing during solunar times if they occur close to slack tide.


I'm just curious what your thoughts on that subject are.  It confused me a little when you said the tides and solunars coincided "perfectly" - because the 8>9 a.m. solunar that day for you occurred during slack low tide ( at 8:16) - and a good bit of the 1:30>3:30 pm major solunar occurred as the water movement was slowing down and then slack around the 3:14 pm high tide.


I would think that a perfect coincidence between tides and solunars would mean that the minor solunar occurs during peak movement of a strong incoming tide and the major solunar occurs during peak water movement of the outgoing (or vice-versa).


What are your thoughts based on all of your experience Todd?  Of course its great if it all aligns perfectly - but that's not always the case.  


Do you consider solunar times more influential towards good fishing conditions than moving current as a general rule - or do you feel that moving water is most important and if the solunar occurs while the water is moving well - then all the better?    

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Very good questions.  The tides are more important than the solunar times of course.  What happened this day is the outgoing lasted almost 2 hours longer than normal and the incoming died about an hour later.  Dependant on wind conditions is how the tide really reacts and I have found that during this time of year the tides could be off as much as 2-3 hours at times.  In tampa bay if you have a strong NE wind the tide goes out longer and moves out more water.  If you have a SW wind you get a longer incoming and more water into tampa bay.  I will post more about this when I get back from fishing!!  :)


Pam the solunar site is www.solunarforecast.com

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