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11/29/14 Sjs

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I got an invite from Mike H. to fish Saturday afternoon on his brand new 21' Key West.  It's a beautiful boat.  Perfect for this area as we had it trolling pretty skinny yesterday looking for reds - but it also seems to handle some chop nicely so will be good for getting out a ways on low wind days.  I neglected to take a picture of the boat but maybe Mike can post one


Mike caught the only red of the day (underslot) - but we did get into some nice, fat mid-slot and better trout.


I also landed 2 overslot specs which were the only ones we took a picture of.








I released both of those but Mike invited 5 of the fat mid and upper slot fish home for dinner.



It was a beautiful late November day and was nice to get out again after the recent cold weather.  Water was still pretty cold.


Thanks for the invite and congrats on the sweet new boat Mike.  I'm sure you will have many great adventures on her in the years to come.  

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what did you use for bait?

Freelined shrimp and paddletail on a jigjhead (Zman) were both working.  We found them bunched up and the bite was on for about 45 minutes before they quit eating and/or moved on. We caught quite a few in that time and I imagine a # of baits would have worked in that situation.  

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