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bassin assassin

Lmr Runnin' And Gunnin'

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Hit the LMR today just after 11am and left at dark. Water temp was 63-65 degrees and a little stained. Wind was fairly brisk out of the east. Tide was rolling out most of the day. Lures that caught fish today were the 3" mullet in smoke/gold halo and electric chicken and the 4" mullet in shadflash. Ended up catching 17 fish. Went down river to try a different area. Caught three small snook before this guy decided to eat my electric chicken near a point.




Got out of there and back up river to a spot I had done well in last time. Didn't pay off this time. May have been all the fresh water and cold temps that made them move. I did lose a nice upper slot red on a point. The lure just popped free. Managed to catch a couple of small snook there though.  Further up river to a shallow bay and caught a few more small snook. One did measure 21 1/2". Back to another shallow bay and nothing there this time.


Back down river to a point and caught another couple of small snook. Went up the very narrow canal where I got that pretty nice snook last time and after a couple of small snook, this guy decided to eat my smoke.




Back to the other side of a point with water flowing down it and managed a couple more smalls. Went to another area and nothing. Back down river to a dock. Nada. Getting late and I worked a few docks and managed a couple of smalls on the 4" shadflash. Back behind some islands right before dark and I caught a 17" red just before heading to the ramp. It was a decent day. Checked out some new areas. Some paid off some didn't. Some areas from the previous outing paid off and some didn't. Saw no mullet jumping anywhere and very little fish activity. Do believe I saw tarpon rolling, but not positive.


Final Body Count


Snook - 14 (13 smalls and one 21 1/2")

Red - 17"

Sheepshead - a pretty nice one

Bass - A future 10#er

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Yea the water temp had dropped a bit Dave. Maybe the fresh water from all that rain brought the salinity down and the fish reacted negatively. Very little surface action at all up the river. Really think once winter is here for good in Jan and Feb, the quantity and quality will improve. At least I hope so. I am ready to check out the MR too.

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