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Flats Drummin

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Due to the daily 100mph winds, I haven't been on the flats much.. been sheepin when I can in the meantime to keep my sanity... 








As fun as it is, that's getting old quick ... Felt the itch to hit the flats on Monday so I obliged.. 15mph sustained east wind made sight fishing a huge challenge.. Had the sun though which helped but what did not help was the wicked hull slap my yak was generating as I poled across the white caps which shut down most of the fish I encountered ... Saw what I though was a big red about 75 feet away on a transitional edge .. Pitched a copper colored Banks Lures Pimpin Shrimp with a dab of Blue Crab Pro-Cure at it, and the fish happily mowed it down.. Originally planned to stick to the shoreline and fish for slotties so I was armed with light gear. Hooked this guy on a Pflueger 1000 spooled with 8lb braid/20lb leader on a Falcon Bucoo rod which is way on the light side.. hell of a tough fight and about 10 minutes in I get the fish coming my way and I notice it ain't no redfish lol.. Big Drum that still had a couple runs left in him.. Great fight.. Finally got it to the boat and landed.. I haven't caught too many blackies on arti but this one is by far my personal best artificial caught Black Drum.. Originally estimated it around 36" but I marked it's length on the yak, measured it the next day, and it was actually 38" and change.. After a quick revival he got outta town quick.. Winds were absolutely screaming at this point so I decided to end the day on a good note and head on back to the launch ..






The scary part was, some of the drum I was seeing out there were near 5 foot long... I damn sure plan on going back to try to hang into one of those dinosaurs!


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