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Best Of 2014

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Post up your top fly catches of 2014! I have 3 that make the list. First, my 30+" speckled trout sight casted.


2nd a 36" red, I was sight casting an upper 20's red, when this bahemoth 36" came out of nowhere, shoved the fish i was casting at out of the way, and ate my fly! 6wt to boot!!

And Last but not least, my largest sheepshead on fly to date




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Being my 1st year getting into fly, I've got a bunch of 1st that I'll start off with. My main reason for getting into fly fishing was for these tarpon that just drive me crazy but I still love these little dudes.


1st caught on fly which started it all.


1st poon on fly.


1st Mayan which was 1 of 5 caught that day. These guys are super fly on the fly rod.


1st tilapia on a bread fly I made.


These would be my biggest fish for the year with my biggest poon that took me to the reel really quick and this solid snook that put up a great fight. I've also lost some monster fish over the year but had lots of fun learning along the way.


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Like Ron, we started about the same time.. It has been an interesting road this year on the fly rod.


My biggest snook so far on fly at 31". I didn't even know what to do with this thing being in the canoe and first solid fish on fly! And yes it was on fly, not the spin in the pic, fly rod was behind me in the canoe haha...I did get many other snooks this day and my first slam on fly too! Memorable day for me for sure! I want bigger tho! Haha can't wait til spring!


This is my biggest red on fly so far at 29" and the absolute worst pic I could have asked for, ugh! I have had numerous up to this size so far, but still not the big Bulls I hunt. My time is coming hopefully!


This is my biggest trout on fly at 24" ish LOL. I've caught a bunch of decent trouts ,but I really don't throw at them unless I see that fat one sitting somewhere.



To all a happy holidays and even better fishing in 2015!

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Being in Washington state makes it hard to be able to get out fishing every week. Fishing season is limited up here. And only going down to Florida for the summer makes it hard. I didn't really do any saltwater fishing last summer so nothing saltwater to show. But I put a hurtin on some big bass this summer. 


My first fish ever on my own tied flies ( My fish on the fly rod was two years ago) 

My biggest fish on the fly rod and most exciting catch all year 


Here's just a couple pigs from the end of summer too

(Don't have all my bass pictures on my computer)
I really got into fly fishing this year and now when I fish up here in Washington I don't even care to bring a spin rod but I still do just in case


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