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Weedon Island 1/3/15 Fishing Report

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Wanted to post in here for my first time so figured I'd give it a shot, went to Weedon today and saw tons of reds hanging close to the mangrove line. Got the yak in the water around 8am and hooked a snook but spit it really quick.  Also out toward tampa bay hooked on to something really big and lost that as well (been having some crappy luck lately) Didn't have much luck with anything other than live shrimp but I lost two and landed one that ended up being 26in. So, I guess it was a success overall kinda disappointed I didn't catch anything on jerk bait but oh well. I did see a school of Snook as well that appeared to all be really good size but they weren't in the mood to eat. Anyways good luck and as always Tight Lines!!




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