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Extreme Sailfish Smack Down

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My notes:


Sunday, 6 or 7 men had to be rescued from the 10kt south current and 20kt westerly winds...one guy was found (I think) in 1200ft of water off the coast of Miami and unwillingly heading towards Cuba. Not Pam (She didn't get rolled either).


Wheeleez are the bomb. Expensive, but well worth the investment if you need to cross loose sandy beaches (think Clearwater Beach type sand conditions) your kayak will float across


Kite fishing is crazy fun from a kayak. I ran two lines for about 2 hours before the winds died Saturday (under-inflated balloons suck). Speaking of, over-inflated 36" balloons sound like a shotgun when they explode on Sunday morning and the sound echoes off the surrounding highrises (Paul laughs).


Fishing for Kingfish with flourocarbon leaders, circle hooks, and no stingers is extremely frustrating...tournament rules (it's called extreme kayak fishing duh!)


The Sailfish bite is at most a 2 hour window


I had all the right gear, the right bait, was in the right depth, at the sweet hour...it just wasn't my turn. Disappointing to say the least, but an exercise of patience, will, and body. I still had a great time being a part of the tourney and fishing with friends.


Now I'm just waiting for the Gulf to raise to 68

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It was crazy how many distress calls went out over the radio on Sunday. 


Pam did not roll but did get to see me doing my best interpretation of how to crash and burn.


On Friday, my pre-fishing day before the tourney Pam and I where launching from 2d st. The waves where coming in a little hot, about 3 to 4' tall and some where braking out a little deep. Pam say's, I'm not feeling very comfortable about this right now as we watched and timed the wave set's. 


Not being able to take standing on land any longer I slide my yak into the water paddling like hell to beat the next set. As luck would have it they let me get about 40' from the shore when a 4 footer brakes right onto my bow tossing me over and flipping the yak.


The rods are sinking, things are floating away while me and my ride bob like a pair of apples in a barrel. While still in the water all Pam hears is, there goes my hat ( Love my Tilley ). She keeps an eye on my beloved hat as I work my way back to shore, once there she say's....I can see one of your rods! My eyes only spotted the gaff, then she pointed to them. Grabbing one rod the other two followed........wooooooooohoooo ! Man was I stoked to get them back. 


Dragging everything from the depths Pam is heading south down the beach to retrieve my Tilley as she kept an eye on it the whole time. That hat made it about 70 yards before she was able to snatch it from the froth. During the course of the weekend I thanked her 4 or 5 times for saving that hat. Pam Rocks !!


After everything is on shore the damage assessment began. Lost my light, the flag and pole, pliers, bent the rudder, the wave that broke also took the camera right off the bow snapping the mount. Most importantly felt like a little dignity was lost as well. So what does one do? Clean all your crap, dry out the hull and have at it again. Almost got rolled on the second attempt but managed to keep it from flipping. Third time was the charm and made it out without incident.


This is why offshore kayak guy's/ gals tether everything... and I mean everything! If you want to keep it, tether it!


It was a great weekend with awesome people, not one thing would be changed other then being top dog on the podium....wouldn't even change the wipe out.


Said this a few times over the weekend, it's worth saying again.

Thank you Pam for saving my hat !

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It was a great weekend.


Paul and Derrick, your friendship and advice (and kidding) was so helpful. THANKYOU!


I've only had my Native ProPell Slayer a couple of months, but that baby handled the surf and gulf stream waves like a top. No issues with stability, easy to peddle all day long, in short it was a flawless hands free ride.


The rigging of the anglers yaks was amazing. From modest rod holders and a 5 gallon bait bucket to sattelights, kite stands and recirculating bait wells. I have never fished a turnie were the competitors were so willing to give you information and to lend a hand if needed.


I trust my instincts, lol unfortunately Paul did not. The surfer in me looked for a rip tide to lunch in. Best to launch with the outflow.


Over the course of the pre-fish and the two day turnie, I had two sails hit my bait, but not landed. Also two sharks, one about 6 feet long, a trigger fish on a lure and a Cuda.


Joe and Maria Hector, hosted a great event. Captains meeting had a raffle,with prizes including a 3 days 2 nights lodging in the Bahamas and a nice buffet. Each morning there was coffee, really needed on Sunday, as well as beer and burritos on the beach when you got back in.


My biggest disappointment was that my electronics failed me. I got a "cell box". The arm the transmitter is on, does not hold up to the strength of the current and the waves. In 190 feet of water, my system said I was in 12 feet of water. This was a big disadvantage because you wanted to stay between 90 and 250 feet. Most of the sailfish were caught between 110 and 190 feet.


I have never really fished with live bait before, so I had a short learning curve. In a week I learned to tie a snell knot, polmaner knot, bridle a bait, use a balloon and...lol attach a Google eye to a circle hook. I was a hot mess and am not a raving fan of mono line.

Now on to Flamingo!

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Second street launch, Pompano Beach.


Searching for sailfish and Mahi


End of day two



At the end of each day during the tournament a Masseur was there to ease some of your pain. A very neat little feature for a tournament. No they can not straighten out your yak, I did ask. 

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That sounds awesome - well awesome for a kayak other than a Native Ulitmate. Maybe one day I'll get out to that coast with a [suitable] kayak. Until then, I'll stick with a stinkpot for chasing those fish!

You are so correct Kurt. That was no place for the Ulimate, that is the reason I bought the slayer.


I picked up my new Native Ultimate FX Tuesday from Bill Jacksons. It looks awesome! Sam did a great job of rigging her. This is the yak I'm taking to the Everglades today.

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Great report Paul, thanks for sharing.  Pam you ARE amazing and your enthusiasm is always appreciated.


You guys will get em' next year!

Thanks Bob, good to hear from you. We need to get the gang together! Also, welcome to TOF.

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Not so much hardcore Ron.

To borrow a phrase from Maria Hector, where "the other guys" who seek a different kind of adventure from or Yaks. Pelagic's being the main targeted species though we still get a fix from the inshore variety.


I for one love all kinds of fishing, inshore, offshore land base or wading........it's all good! 

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Almost ready for the Bahamas kayak torniment next week. A little overwhelmed!

Derrick and Paul, can't thank you enough for all the help.

Seven day's left.


Though I'll not be there will be pulling for you guy's.


Pam, your a good angler....just do what you do best and the results will follow. As you already know, Rum goes a long way in attaining info and or putting your counter parts at a disadvantage if much is consumed. Hit up the locals !


Have your strategy ready and stick with the plan. Lot's of divisions to be had ..... tight lines and best of luck !


Don't forget to pack some arties if live bait problems.


Am so stoked for you guy's, can't hardly wait to hear how it went.


You'll be seeing me at the Summer Slam series for sure !

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Hey, everyone, I was researching kayak fishing and related events in Florida and this thread came up. I am originaly from Detroit but I will move to Pompano Beach in Florida sometime next year to live at the new Sabbia Beach Condos complex there. From what you all write, the Smack Down seems to have been serious entertainment. I will make sure not to miss it next year. I was wondering if anyone here is a Pompano Beach resient and would like to share a bit of info with me - I'd like to know if there is an active community there. I'd love to take my kayak out as often as I can but I am not a big fan of fishing alone. :)

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there are a bunch of us that fish off shore in kayas.  If you have never done this before, please do not do it alone.  Contact me and I can give you the names of kayak guides on the east coast. 


Summer Slam had 171 kayak entries.  So yes, there is a very active community.

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There is a forum or something, can't remember the name ( maybe someone on here will ) that people post where they are going to launch. It's basically like a hook up so you don't fish alone. There is one on this site but really is not active and would not be in your area. Try contacting Joe Hector from EKFT


Pam and I ran into a group like this that were launching from Second Street in Pompano. Dania Beach is also a popular place people launch from to get offshore. As she, Pam, stated...best to go with another person when yaking offshore for safety reasons. Not saying it can not be done but is much safer.


Be mindful of the boat traffic, and always fly that safety flag.  




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