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Utb 2/7 And Anclote 2/8

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UTB was tough Saturday I managed one nice red and a dink Snook on Fly, Snook caught on a clouser and the red was caught on a Green mini-Merkin. UTB was loaded with anglers, a school I had been working exclusively finally got sniffed out and I had to move up N and find some new fish. I don't know if there were fish on the popular flats the spots I was in had very few fish out front. 


Good Redfish bite this Sunday at Anclote, my wife caught several redfish on Doa Cal's, Penny and Chartreus. Fish were holding 1-2 feet of water at low tide in the pot holes and mixed in with some fairly sizable trout. As the tide came up they pushed up on the warm shore lines following the mullet schools, we worked the grass edges near shore. There was some whitebait on the flats, so we had to swim our cals to get strikes. 




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Did you see lots of boat traffic up in Anclote?

Oh God yes, the river was like a parade route up to ALT 19, but theres Tarpon in them there hills so I'm headed back far up the river this weekend. The fish were skinny so I was able to get on them before they got preasured.

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