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Redfishing Video In The Gheenoe

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Cool video and some nice redfish action.  LOL to shotgunning the beer.


Boat rules man. Shotgun a beer on 1st slot or overslot of the day.


Awesome video! Are the PaddlerZ your to go lure for reds? I love them for snook, but have yet to try them for reds. What's your fav color?

They are a great lure. I've had luck with almost any of the brownish colors like new penny, root beer, pinfish.



There were more reds caught those days too, the video just either sucked, or I forgot to turn the camera on.

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Solid, love the video and can't go wrong with Alt-J!

Love alt j, but I actually edited it to a different song that was perfect. I edited it to change scenes with the beat and everything, but when I uploaded it, it was copyrighted by youtube. Some artists don't let u use their music at all. Thankfully alt j is cool and will let you use them on YouTube.

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Nice vid,

Been a few years since i've fished up in Chass,looks like a place we call "Homestead",I knew it was the Chass by the wide area of the river,my Avatar is further up river one bend before the ramp.

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