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I've been getting great redfish reports from a buddy of mine, so I decided to change it up and pursue reds on the flats of south St. Pete.  Got off work at 4, loaded up my yak, and was on the water by 4:45.  Love the simplicity and efficiency of a yak!

Being my first time fishing the area with only an hour of the incoming tide remaining, I wasn't too hopeful. Launched my yak, peddled to the location, and I was immediately greeted with tons of happy mullet.  Also saw a couple redfish tails  waving at me.  I started by throwing my trusty ol' Lil John on a worm hook, but couldn't get a bite.  Then I switched to the new AquaDream pinfish spoon I just purchased.  Saw a red chase my spoon, but still didn't hook up.  

30 minutes later, I switch to my RedBone PaddlerZ with a jighead, cast it out past a big oyster bar, and immediately hook up after a couple cranks.  Set the hook twice and I'm on!  This red felt solid and made some real good runs for a few minutes before it gave up.  

Brought her yak side and knew she was an over slot fish.  She went around 27.5-28 inches, but was extremely fat!! Definitely one of my fattest redfish!

Afterwards, the tide went slack and all the mullet frenzy essentially died. I haven't caught many redfish on lures, but hopefully that'll change soon! What a great start to the beginning of Spring!



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