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A Decent Short Trip 3/16/15

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I decided to take advantage of the short window of calm winds and a good falling tide. Got to the spot and bait was getting busted everywhere and birds diving too. I started poling around my usual area on the higher of the outgoing tide and didn't really see much at first so I moved to slightly skinnier water (about 8-9") and started seeing reds here and there as they were set up to pounce on baits flowing by in the current... Got a couple decent shots at a few of them, but they were way too spooky!

I kept working the few I found and as the tide really started rolling off the flat, the wind turned up quite a bit. But that kept me a bit more out of sight from them and it ended up paying off pretty well.

Worked towards an area I always find decent amounts of black drum and there they were! Tails started popping up waiving at me right and left! Even some as close as 10-12' away. Most were black drums but plenty of solid reds in the mix too...

Finally I saw the color tail I was hunting and it was a good one. I waited to see which way the head was pointing and made the cast into the wind about 40' with a little crab fly I tied a few weeks ago and with three super slow strips BOOM! Fish on!!

I knew it was a good red by the feel on the hook set. He started ripping right towards me so I'm stripping line in as quick as possible while keeping good tension and then raced by the yak and now making a blistering run! He took me well into the backing and had some really good power!

After a good 6-7 min battle I get this strong, just a tick under 28 1/2" er in the yak for a pic! I was stoked!!


Here's a little rod and reel porn for you LOL!


I needed that bad due to my slump of smaller fish lately, and it felt great!!

Ended up working the area for about another hour and got another 22" red and took a few casts at the drums that were tightly packed up and got a good solid eat on one and the water erupted and sadly got broken off in the fleeing frenzy after the first run. That sucked, but still a great feeling to create a little fly that makes a fish go crazy for it!

Anyways, it was a good couple hour trip that had some pretty decent rewards, I was stoked haha

Here's a pic of the small crab fly tied on a size 1 hook with med lead eyes... That's my pinky finger in the pic for a size comparison LOL


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