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Snoook And I Are Back!

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Hi, haven't posted or opened my profile on this forum in over a month! Sorry for late replies and of the such. Anyway,ths whole moth I have been prepping to join The Big hammer challenge that my friends have been begging me to join. So I created a team of 5 friends. We have been prepping this past month catching bait and deciding where in Florida to travel in search for some big sharks. anyway I had the chance to fish with my buddy bill a few nights ago for a long awaited and much needed inshore excursion. Well it turned out to be good conditions, good tides, and low winds. We missed a few fish around 30 inches but we managed to land one. I got this baby on 5lb braid 30lb leader on an ultra light rod and a 1000 size reel. this is my only spinning combo I own now. I sold everything else because I plan on buying a new stella 3000xgfi and building a Custom Sick Rod for it. If I dont throw the ultra light out I whip out the long rod. (recently has been my go to setup). Back to the snook, I faught it for a solid 10 minutes and was very scared of getting spooled measured 36 inchespost-168890-0-58793900-1427100738_thumb.jpg

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