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Utb 3-29

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Post Cold front, windy, and cold. I thought this Sunday might be a scratch, Wrong. My Wife landed another Pig on a Chartreuse paddle tail and I had luck with the buggy whip, tossing my favorite Green weighted toad.


Early morning a large school of breeders were busting some white bait a long a mud drop off, my wife made a sweet cast and we landed this large Red very fun on 8lb mono(might be time to step that up).



I wasn't having much luck with a bait fish pattern and switched back to a bottom fly and had some fun, I spotted this fish about 40 feet out moving across the bow of the boat, he was using the lanes between the grass as a highway, I tossed my fly 10Ft ahead of him in the lane, twitch, hes on it, teased him a bit, game on. Great day seems the spring madness is going to trump any wind or front at least for a bit.



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