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Kayaking The Southshore - Slob Snook Again!

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Began my quest for the elusive slot snook extra early near low tide. With my kayak I would have first mover advantage in the super skinny flats. Worked my way over to the first pass looking for snook and only landed ladyfish so I moved on quickly to the 2nd pass. Fish finder lit up nicely and landed my first keeper fish, a 17" mackerel.




Worked the same pass hard but only ladyfish hit my lures so I moved on and captured a beautiful sunrise.




By now the flat started to fill with the beginnings of the incoming tide. The flat lit up with activity and the sounds of jumping mullet and snook chasing bait. I moved slowly into the fish zone and fan casted to areas with lots of bait activity. Had a few hits and misses and then my trolling rod rips with what could only be the sound of a big strong run from a snook. I quickly grabbed the rod, turned on the GoPro, and battled her for a good 5 minutes and worked her slowly to my yak.  My eyes widened as a saw a really thick snook, my 2nd for the week. She even had a remora attached to her.










The rest of the trip was filled with some action but nothing came close to this fish.


1 Trout

3 Fighting Jacks

4 Snook between (14-20") 

2 Giant catfish and 2 smaller ones

6 Ladyfish


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