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Slayed The Redfish

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Went out on Friday, got a late start because my boyfriend and I worked Thursday night. With no sleep after working 7p-7a, I went straight to fishing and brought a friend along. Bait was a struggle around hula bay, only able to get my live well half full. Had to run to Coffee Pot to blacken my little livewell. There were so many boats out so the bite was slow for us since I only have 1 livewell. The guides with multiple livewells were able to chum and seemed to be catching fish. So once the guides were gone we were able to chum and the bite was on. In total for the day we got 12 Reds to the boat and 6 snook. The reds ranged from 31" 28" 25" 2 22" 20" and then some smaller ones we didnt care to measure. The snook were all under slot, the biggest being 25". It was the first time my boyfriend and I had a double hook up on reds. That was fun and unfortunately I lost a screw for my go pro mount and wasnt able to get it on film. I was able to film the 31" 28" and 25" we reeled in.






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