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Flippin And Froggin

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A few short trips over the weekend


3rd flip today resulted in this nice bass. Landed 3 fish tonight with 2 on Zman and 1 on Spro Frog.


Quantum Smoke Baitcasters

50# Fins Windtamer

St.Croix Rage and Halo twilight rods

Spro Frog- Zman Palmetto bugz on a Trokar 4/0 Flippin Hook and a 1oz Jethro Tungston


Bass kicked my ass tonight. I must have missed say 10 blow ups on frog. Not small fish either. Some fish were hitting the frof so hard they were throwing it in the air. Fishing some thick lilly pads I was able to revenge my self an stick 3 fish with this one being the last fish of the night before the skeeter bugs attacked.




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