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Recent Quick Outing 4/17/15

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Had a couple free hours Friday morning so dumped the kayak into a local lake for some topwater action while the bass are crashing schools in the middle sections. Paddled out towards a school after finally seeing some action erupt. Only picked four off with a frog schemed ssj before they shut down in that particular area. Started working some new to me shorelines with only one more similar sized fish on the ssj to show. So started to troll a gold/black culprit worm on a 1/4oz jighead on the way back to launch and hooked into another that was best of the day so far. Anchored up in that spot and it was game on from there bringing eight more quality size fish to the boat and losing three others that shook the hook. Biggest shown below I'm guessing around 5lbs with a belly full of baitfish. Still rather be snook fishing but a bite like that on very light tackle is always a good time.




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Josh, when are you going to try getting those todler sized tarpon again? lol

Xavier, was out there last Saturday but didn't make it back that far to the area. I'll be checking that scenario out next trip for sure.

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