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Recent Inshore Trip 4/18/15

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Headed out with Eric and another friend Saturday morning for some live bait snook fishing. After loading the well with some small and very large threadfins we headed to the first spot. Glass calm conditions had me opting for tossing a ssj for a while but nothing to show. With a slack tide as we waited for the incoming after two small snook and a catfish were brought to the boat on live bait we decided this wasn't the spot and headed to another as the tide should begin to start rolling in. This area yielded a few better snook and some snapper as well at least.




After the bite shut down we moved to another area usually holding a redfish or two. Unfortunately I got the dink redfish while Everett caught the better one but at least there were a couple around.



Moving to some shorelines that make sight casting very possible we spotted two decent snook layed up on the shoreline. After Eric and Everett's baits were rejected and the guy on the back of the boat (me) got his turn one of them decided to eat. I didn't even see the fish hit the bait was the funny part. So, while I'm watching this fish and "waiting" to see if he's going to eat the guys spot a huge snook just feet from the boat on the deeper ledge. Of course I reel my baitfish in closer to get it to this big snook and actually end up setting the circle hook finally on the snook I'd been watching LOL. Didn't even know the fish had eaten my bait and the fish didn't feel the hook yet either til I reeled in closer for hopes of hooking the slob. Of course the fish took off and spooked the moose of a snook away with it. Sorry guys....I guess lol.


Moving down the shoreline some more Eric spots another huge snook and throws on one of the huge threadfins but without much time kept the lighter tackle setup. Knife to a gun fight but screw it....good cast made well past the fish and as he slowly brought the threadfin within the danger zone that big girl smashed it and headed right into a mangrove pocket along side a broken up dock. Pretty the spot you don't want to see that fish go to. She stayed inside the pocketed area and as we trolled closer he got lucky and she shot back out opposite dockside and went for deeper water. Eric did a phenomenal job working this fish on a 2500 series reel with 10lb test an 20lb leader. Tired her out a bit and after one last run towards the dock pilings that almost ended it all he turned her right towards me and the net.  Scooped her up for him and after a quick pick and measure he had himself a very chunky fish just over 34" with a pinched tail.



Working the last few big threadfins of the day along some jetty areas  I see a giant shine roll on my bait and my 4k stradic starts absolutely screaming. I was almost positive it was a jack...and almost positive it was one bigger than I've hooked before. Fish went under the boat and after basically keeping my whole rod under the boat while it peeled line like crazy to the channel we finally got me to the bow and decided we'd end the day heading after it. This jack made my previous pb of 24" to the fork feel like nothing. Run after run all I could do was laugh at the power of  a full grown jack crevalle. After what felt like almost ten minutes we netted the fish finally and got almost 29" to the fork on a new PB for me. Didn't get the actual weight but had to be in the 20lb range. What a fight......gotta love those jacks.



Total count

11 snook up to 34"

2 redfish up to 19"

jacks,snapper,and trash fish of course.

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