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This past Sunday I took the kayak out for the last time before getting my new custom gheenoe NMZ. The winds were about 25mph and it was not looking like any good fishing was gonna be happening but I still went out. I decided to do some exploring and fish a new spot. It wasn't too long after I launched that I was greeting by rolling baby silver nuggets. I kept moving and found more poons and some were wrecking bait so I dropped my anchor and busted out the fly rod. It only took a few casts at rolling fish and I had a poon on the end of my line pulling my kayak around. The hook pulled right as I had this fish boat side which is very common when fishing for tarpon. I did a lot more scouting and found tons of fish. On the way back to the launch I found a good sized poon smashing bait up against the bushes. I then made a perfect cast right to the same spot the fish just blew up bait and it was game on! I got towed all over the place and finally got the tarpon in my hands. Overall this was a very productive trip with 25mph winds. It always pays to get out of your same fishing routine and go explore new waters.




I also finally got my new ride yesterday. More pics to come this weekend when I get her in the water.


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